The Butler, Skilled (その執事、有能, Sono Shitsuji, Yūnō) is Chapter 1 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Sebastian Michaelis wakes Ciel Phantomhive for the day and tells him what the day's events are. Outside, Ciel and the servants ‒ Mey-Rin, Baldroy and Finnian watch Sebastian fight an unnamed individual, and Sebastian states that because he won, Ciel has to do his day's work. The other servants congratulate him on his victory, and Ciel awards Sebastian with a glass of lemonade.

After drinking it, he asks the other servants why they are not working and then sends them off to do their jobs. Ciel then tells Sebastian that he is expecting an important guest that evening, and Sebastian goes off to prepare. The other servants observe his work and decide they would like to show Sebastian how useful they can be, making their own plans for the evening.

When Sebastian returns from a call from Ciel, he discovers that the others have destroyed all of his work, and thinks up an alternate plan. The servants follow his orders, and shortly thereafter, Ciel's guest, Chlaus, arrives. Chlaus is impressed by Sebastian's preparations, and is seated for dinner, where he reveals that his reason for the visit is to bring Ciel a game.

When Mey-Rin goes to serve the wine, she gets distracted by Sebastian's attention and spills on the tablecloth. However, before Chlaus can notice, Sebastian removes the cloth, without disturbing the items on top of it. Chlaus compliments Ciel on Sebastian's excellent skills, and they have dessert.

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