The Butler, Most Evil (その執事、最凶, Sono Shitsuji, Sai Kyō) is Chapter 4 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


With the knowledge that Sebastian is on his way for Ciel, Azzurro orders his men to fortify the defenses, through which Sebastian is able to slip effortlessly. Using typical household items, including a coat rack, silverware, and plates, Sebastian is able to take out Azzurro's men.

Back at Phantomhive Manor, Baldroy worries about what Sebastian meant by "cleaning up" the plate. Eventually, he gives up and decides that it means it is okay to eat, but Finnian discovers that all of the silverware, save for the spoons, are missing.

When Sebastian attempts to hand over the ransom, Azzurro has hidden men shoot him multiple times, inflicting what would be fatal wounds. Comforted by thinking the butler is dead, Azzurro returns his attention to Ciel and threatens to sell him. However, Ciel reveals that Sebastian is merely pretending to be dead, at which point he stands up, commenting about the efficiency of guns of the modern era. He then spits out the bullets and throws them hard enough to kill all of the previously hidden gunmen.

Ciel and Sebastian banter for a while, much to Azzurro's apparent distress. Azzurro attempts to kill Ciel, but Sebastian stops him. He carries Ciel a bit further away, while Azzurro attempts to convince him to leave the Phantomhive family. However, Sebastian explains that he is a contracted demon, and appears to turn into his demon form to kill Azzurro.

They return to the manor, where the other servants greet them warmly. Sebastian then apologizes as the supper preparations were entirely unfinished.

The following day's paper talks about how the Fener family met with an "unidentified attacker" and had a "high number of casualties," but due to the Fener family's willingness to do "horrible things for money," Mey-Rin and Finnian suspect they met with a "vengeful ghost." Sebastian catches them reading the paper, yells at them to get to work, and then chuckles over the paper's headline.

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