The Butler, Capricious (その執事、粋狂, Sono Shitsuji, Suikyō) is Chapter 7 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Sebastian reveals that the only individual who is capable of fitting the profile of Jack the Ripper is the Viscount of Druitt, Aleistor Chamber.

Angelina comments that Aleistor has been into black magic recently, and Lau speculates that the secret parties he holds use the prostitutes as altar sacrifices. Aleistor is hosting another party that evening and, as the social season is drawing to a close, Sebastian states it would be best if they found a way to get invited to the party, which Madam Red comments she can do easily.

That evening they arrive at the party with Angelina and Grell as themselves, Ciel as Angelina's niece, Sebastian as Ciel's tutor, and Lau as Angelina's lover. Ciel questions why they have to be in disguise, and Angelina remarks that a one-eyed boy with a butler would attract attention, and it would be clear who he really was.

Inside the party, Ciel learns that Elizabeth is also present, and goes to great lengths to avoid being seen by her because if he is found out, it will cause great humiliation for the Phantomhive family. In order to get closer to Aleistor, Ciel and Sebastian dance, which attracts his attention. He comes over and comments that Ciel is a lovely dancer. While talking, Aleistor asks Ciel if he would like to do "more pleasurable things", and Ciel pretends to allow Aleistor to seduce him.

However, while talking with Aleistor, Elizabeth takes notice of him again and tries to come over so that she can compliment his dress. Sebastian, thinking quickly, pretends to have been a hired magician for the audience's entertainment. He gets Lau to help in the act, and this distracts Elizabeth from pursuing Ciel.

During the show, Aleistor leads Ciel to a hidden room, which has a strong fragrance that renders Ciel unconscious. Aleistor is seen standing over Ciel's body with a sinister smile.

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