The Butler, Commendable (その執事、殊勝, Sono Shitsuji, Shushō) is Chapter 8 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


In a brief flashback, Sebastian is putting a corset on Ciel, who dramatically claims that his organs are coming out.

In the present, Ciel has awoken to find himself tied up and blindfolded, when he hears Aleistor Chamber's voice. A blanket is pulled off of Ciel's cage, where Aleistor announces that "she" could be played with, kept in the cage, used in a ceremony or sold for parts. He begins the underground auction, and Ciel calls for Sebastian. Sebastian takes out the people and says he called the police. If they are found there, the Scotland Yard could "give [them] a hard time," so Sebastian carries Ciel and they escape.

Ciel states that he believes the case to be solved because Aleistor must be killing the women and selling their organs in his underground auction. The following morning, though, another victim was found. Because Ciel kept such a close eye on Aleistor, and he went nowhere last night, it could not have been him. Ciel orders Sebastian to organize a list and look for alternate suspects.

Angelina Dalles comes in while Ciel is working and decides to play a game of chess with him. Ciel explains how his relationship with Sebastian works, and Angelina says that her sister, his mother, would not have wanted him to pursue a dark path of revenge. However, Ciel states that revenge would accomplish nothing, as it cannot bring back the dead, and that he merely wants them to feel his suffering and humiliation.

After she loses 46 games, Ciel bids Angelina good night.

In his bedroom, Sebastian states that, based on the current conditions, there is no one who could have committed the murders. Ciel orders him to change the conditions then, and it is implied that Sebastian has another suspect in mind. Sebastian is then seen telling Ciel to make a decision.

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