The Butler, Retaliatory (その執事、反攻, Sono Shitsuji, Hankō) is Chapter 12 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Grell injures Sebastian with a major laceration across the chest and proceeds to view a rather mundane Cinematic Record of Sebastian's life. Grell complains, but Sebastian says his life has been like that for the past year, and that, if Grell wanted to see something more interesting, they would have to pay for it.

Sebastian then notices his clothes are ruined beyond repair and removes his coat, which he uses to jam Grell's Death Scythe so it cannot function. Sebastian states that the coat was given to him by Ciel, so he was disappointed that he had to use it in a fight. He then leaps down to where Grell is kneeling on the ground and asks if the Death Scythe can still be used.

When he determines that Grell is defenseless, Sebastian punches them in the face, breaking Grell's glasses, splitting their lip, and giving them a nosebleed. He then grabs Grell's Death Scythe and prepares to use it against them, as a Death Scythe can cut through anything, including the Grim Reaper that wields it. Grell begs for Sebastian to stop, but Sebastian says he does not want to.

When he goes in to deliver the final blow, his attack is stopped by another Grim Reaper, William T. Spears. Grell is relieved by William's appearance, but he lands down and smashes Grell's head into the ground. William apologizes for Grell's actions, even though he is clearly bothered about having to apologize to a demon.

As Grell and William leave, Sebastian throws Grell's Death Scythe at William's head, but he catches it easily. Sebastian smiles and says that he did not want them to leave that behind. William thanks him and takes his leave while dragging Grell by their hair.

Sebastian then apologizes to Ciel for letting Grell escape, but Ciel says it does not matter anymore. Sebastian says they should go, and Ciel agrees. When he goes to stand, he sways, and Sebastian moves to help him. Ciel knocks his hand away, telling him that he does not need Sebastian's support and that he is "just a little tired".

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