The Butler, Foreign (その執事、異邦, Sono Shitsuji, Ihō) is chapter 16 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Ciel is seen arguing with Soma, who has decided to stay at Ciel's manor, for payment due to having saved him earlier. The following morning, Ciel is surprised and is angered by Agni's wake-up call, and the commotion attracts the attention of Lau and Sebastian. The other Phantomhive servants burst in, saying something is weird with the food, yard, and clothes. Agni announces that he did it, saying that, as a butler, he should lend the "hard-working Sebastian a hand." Sebastian tells the other servants to beg for "scraps of Agni's talents", which, after a minor pause, they do, much to Sebastian's exasperation.

At breakfast, Ciel questions how long they intend to stay, and they say they will leave once they find the person they are looking for. They show Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau a picture of Mina that Soma drew, which he calls "so good that once you see her in person, you'll recognize her for sure!". Sebastian states that, even for him, it would be hard to find her, but he would try his best. Lau comments on her beauty, and Soma agrees.

When Ciel attempts to question further, Agni and Soma suddenly pray to a statue of the goddess Kali. When they finish, Soma asks for the "midget" to go with him. Sebastian stops him, saying Ciel has a full day of lessons and is very busy. When they attempt to do their work, Agni and Soma interrupt at every available opportunity, including going to art study, saying that it is better to draw naked women, and ordering Mey-Rin to undress.

At fencing hour, Ciel agrees that, if Soma can beat him, he will play with him. However, Soma is not familiar with fencing or the swords, and is surprised when they bend. When Ciel goes in for a move, Agni intervenes to protect Soma, injuring Ciel's arm. Sebastian agrees to participate in a match against Agni, not because he wants to defend Ciel, but because the distraction has put them ten minutes behind schedule and he wants to get on with the planned activities.

Ciel and Soma are both seen ordering their butlers to win, both agreeing to do so.

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