The Butler, Scandalous (その執事、醜行, Sono Shitsuji, Shūgyō) is Chapter 29 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


In her tent, Beast tells Sebastian about her relationships with Joker and Father, and Sebastian seduces Beast into telling him Father's name.

Back at Doctor's tent, Sebastian wakes Ciel up and checks to see how his fever is. Ciel questions if Sebastian completed his task, and Sebastian says there is no need for them to remain in the circus any longer. They return to the manor, where Soma and Agni are worried about Ciel's disappearance.

In Ciel's room, Sebastian reveals that Father is Kelvin, who Ciel vaguely remembers from a few functions when he was younger. They prepare to go to his manor, but Agni and Prince Soma block his exit. Ciel tries to leave but has another asthma attack. He orders Sebastian to have them removed, but Agni convinces Sebastian that part of his duty as a butler is to look out for his master's health.

Persuaded, Sebastian lets Agni take over Ciel's health care, and Agni and Soma follow his orders in taking care of Ciel. Sebastian convinces Ciel that they have learned enough for the day and that they can do everything tomorrow.

Back at the Noah's Ark Circus, Peter hits Doll for being naïve. Doll says that Ciel is just a child and that they made a promise, while Peter dismisses her explanation, calling her childish. Jumbo stops Peter from striking her a second time, saying that is not what they should be doing. Dagger suggests waiting until Joker comes back, but Wendy says that will take too long. They agree to carry out Father's orders the next day and send Doll to inform Joker of their plans.

Beast prepares a horse for Doll, who apologizes, saying the whole situation is her fault. Beast dismisses her apology, and blames herself instead, which confuses Doll.

William is then heard contemplating the incident, stating that "tomorrow, everything will end."

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