The Butler, Mocking (その執事、嘲笑, Sono Shitsuji, Chōshō) is Chapter 32 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Baron Kelvin reminisces on meeting Ciel Phantomhive, who was very shy and clung to his father when he was younger. Ciel then spots his uncle, Chlaus, and Ciel and Vincent go greet him. Baron was unable to take his eyes off of them, calling them "special people".

On another occasion, he returns to the Phantomhive manor, where many people are playing pool. He approaches Vincent excitedly, who then excuses himself to speak with Diedrich. Baron says he then understood that "special people can only be touched by other special people". Feeling that he was ugly, he meets Doctor and undergoes many plastic surgeries in an attempt to become more beautiful.

Disgusted by his actions, his wife left him, but he did not care, as only getting close to Ciel mattered. Joker is then shown telling Baron that the Phantomhives had been attacked, and all are believed to have been killed. His life lost meaning until he heard that Ciel had actually survived the attack. He wanted to go to Ciel's sacrificing but, because he had just had an operation, he was bedridden for at least a month.

He had heard that Ciel had killed them all, and wished to recreate the day Ciel had been sacrificed. Disgusted and upset, Ciel shoots Baron. Joker rushes to save Baron, but Sebastian cuts off his left arm. Joker begs for Baron's life to be spared, saying that he saved them and that they need him to remain alive in order for him to save his other brothers and sisters still at the workhouse.

Ciel states that he understood, but he intends to kill Baron anyway. Laughing, Joker reveals that the other first-tier members have gone to his manor in order to kill all the witnesses.

At the Phantomhive manor, the first-tier members of the Noah's Ark Circus split up, because the place is so massive, and they do not want to spend a lot of time looking for their target. Jumbo encounters Finnian outside, who tells him that visitors are not welcome at that hour and to come back later. Jumbo moves in and attacks Finnian.

Back at Baron Kelvin's mansion, Joker laughs and says even his servants will not be spared. Ciel questions who he thinks he is dealing with, stating "they are the servants of Phantomhive".

Finnian recovers from his attack outside the Phantomhive mansion, telling Jumbo that he cannot let him pass. A splat is the last thing heard.

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