The Butler, Executor (その執事、遂行, Sono Shitsuji, Suikō) is Chapter 35 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


The Noah's Ark Circus first-tier members, minus Snake, are in an alley in the East End, referred to as a gutter. Joker explains what ailments afflict each individual, which makes working, even as a thief, difficult. One day, Kelvin found them in the alley and brought them all to his manor. Joker refers to life at the manor as heaven, and all of the members seem much happier than they were previously.

It is then revealed that this flashback is actually a cinematic record that is being played by William T. Spears in Joker’s last moments of life. William marks his entry complete, seemingly annoyed by the number of individuals whose lives he must review. Another Grim Reaper, Ronald Knox, shows up, which William seems disappointed by. Ronald reveals that Grell Sutcliff is off on another mission involving the Phantomhive family, which he was apparently excited by. Ronald appears bored to be there, telling William he would like to finish the work quickly, as he has plans for later.

Doll then rides up to the manor on her horse, surprised to see it burning, knowing that Joker was supposed to be inside. She rushes forward, but the heat and smoke from the fire make entry impossible. When Sebastian and Ciel come out, whom she knows as "Black" and "Smile" respectively, she is shocked at their appearance, questioning why they are there and what happened. Sebastian shares that Joker is dead, and that they were sent by Queen Victoria to eradicate the circus.

Doll is shocked and upset, particularly about being lied to when she trusted Ciel. Ciel confirms that it was a lie, and that his job is to clear the queen's worries, which is why he killed Baron Kelvin and Joker. Doll remembers when she was given her stage name by Joker and falls to the ground crying. She pulls out a knife and moves in to attack Ciel and Sebastian, saying she will not forgive them.

Ciel then simply says "Sebastian", and a Funtom Corporation candy is seen broken and falling. It is presumed that Doll was killed.

Undertaker is then seen commenting that he told Ciel to hold every soul dear but, due to his power, Ciel seems to have forgotten the importance of things that cannot be recovered. John Brown, Charles Grey, and Charles Phipps are also shown, simply watching the goings-on with the mission of reporting to Queen Victoria later.

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