The Butler, Exasperated (その執事、激昂, Sono Shitsuji, Gekikō) is Chapter 94 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


John Brown appears before Sebastian Michaelis and Snake to deliver a letter from Queen Victoria. He has not used his horse during the entire venture, because he could not bear for his horse to face "such a terrible road." Sebastian, then, informs him that Ciel Phantomhive is ill, and thus, he will pass on the letter. John says that the Queen has commanded for the letter to be read immediately, and instructs Sebastian to read the contents himself. Sebastian does as requested, and is astounded by what he perused. John, subsequently, announces his leave, and Sebastian tells him to beware for werewolves. Following his departure, Sebastian says that they can finally "pick up the pace."

In the meantime, Wolfram Gelzer notifies Sieglinde Sullivan that it is almost dinnertime; he, then, perceives that she is reading a book given to her by Sebastian. Sieglinde asks if she can go see Ciel, Sebastian and the rest off when they leave, and Wolfram refuses for the sake of her safety. She cries, stating that she wants to experience the outside world, even if only for a minute. Wolfram adamantly denies her his permission, and she falls down trying to go after him. He, then, hugs her and apologizes. Sieglinde assures him that she will complete the Ultimate Spell and protect them all.

Meanwhile, Ciel has just awoken. Finnian opens the door and finds Sebastian there, to his surprise. Sebastian asks Finnian to leave the room for a while, so that he can discuss a very important matter with Ciel. When Ciel grows deeply agitated by Sebastian's presence, Finnian steps in between them. Sebastian impatiently grabs Finnian, and the latter endeavors to free himself with all of his strength. His might, however, does not faze Sebastian in the slightest, who throws him out of the room and shuts the door.

Sebastian, then, approaches a trembling Ciel, informing him that they have received a letter from the Queen and that they will be banished from Wolfsschlucht the next day. He tells Ciel to put an end to his fretful behavior and take action. When Ciel refuses to, an increasingly dark aura emits from Sebastian and binds Ciel. Sebastian declares that for Ciel to abandon his revenge midway is against the Faustian contract. He reveals his disappointment with how "boring" Ciel has turned out to be, and prepares to devour the soul of a petrified Ciel, who wonders if he is going to die without fulfilling his revenge.

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