The Butler, Breaking Out (その執事、逃げる, Sono Shitsuji, Nigeru) is Chapter 100 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


The German military sends dogs into the Werewolves' Forest. The main squad, directed by Wolfram Gelzer, are guided down a path by dogs who have tracked Sieglinde Sullivan's scent. Grete Hilbard commands her squad to follow the other soldiers.

Meanwhile, Snake announces that the soldiers are coming, having sensed vibrations. Once the soldiers arrive, Baldroy has Snake release snakes from above, which frighten the army and cast them into disarray. Wolfram and Baldroy engage in a gunfight, while Snake runs ahead. Baldroy uses a marmalade can to bring about an explosion.

From afar, a soldier asks Grete if leaving the main squad to Wolfram was a good idea, and Grete assures her that Wolfram is the best fighter.

Wolfram emerges from the cloud of smoke and attacks Baldroy from behind. They battle for some time before Wolfram suddenly charges toward Snake. He throws Snake off balance, and picks up Sieglinde, only to discover that it is actually Ciel Phantomhive in disguise; Ciel, then, has Wolfram at gunpoint.

In the meantime, Finnian is running from soldiers while carrying Sieglinde and Tanaka. He remembers that Ciel has ordered Finnian to take Sieglinde because, just as his name implies, he can run faster than anyone else. He recalls his first arrival at Phantomhive Manor: Ciel had decided to give him a name and noted his strikingly blond hair. He commented that the protagonist of a tale in the famous Fenian Cycle was called "Finn," due to his beautiful blond hair; the boy ran through the forest faster than a hare and was stronger than a deer. Because he resembles Finnian in that right, Ciel opted to name him "Finnian," and gave him Fenian Cycle in hopes that he will learn to read soon. Finnian was greatly pleased, and Sebastian commented that that was the first time Finnian showed "such a human" expression; he added that Finnian must learn to talk like a servant and adjust his strength.

Finnian, then, summons his power from when he was subject number twelve. Consequently, he dashes through the forest with superhuman agility, and leaps off a cliff, landing in the river below—and cries that his legs hurt. The soldiers are about to seize the opportunity to shoot him but are shot by Mey-Rin. Mey-Rin, then, detects something moving, which turns out to be Grete, who appears and shoots at Finnian.

Tanaka, swiftly and skillfully, slices the bullet in two. He tells Finnian to run ahead, for he will deal with Grete.

Elsewhere, Sebastian Michaelis finishes his duty of destroying the general area. He remarks that if he does not hurry, he will not have time to prepare breakfast.

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