The Butler, Crossing Paths (その執事、遭逢, Sono Shitsuji, Sōhō) is Chapter 101 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Sebastian Michaelis hears a sound coming from ground level.

Meanwhile, Ciel Phantomhive shoots at Wolfram Gelzer, who manages to dodge the bullet and punch Ciel. Wolfram, then, forces Ciel to drop his gun and pins him to the ground. While strangling Ciel and pointing a gun at him, Wolfram bemoans the event of Ciel arriving at Wolfsschlucht and his influence on Sieglinde Sullivan. Snake and Baldroy are dismayed by the parlous situation, for Ciel's life is on the line.

Suddenly, however, Diedrich appears, blocking Wolfram's gun with his knife; while doing so, he quips that he did not know Vincent Phantomhive had a daughter, referring to Ciel in his disguise. A surprised Ciel recalls the time, years ago when he was fearful of Diedrich's angry expression and went to Vincent for comfort. Vincent had asserted that Diedrich was very kind and reliable and that he was certain that if he were to be in danger, Diedrich would help his family. Diedrich had commented that he cannot imagine Vincent dying earlier than he; Vincent had retorted that no one can predict what will happen, and so, if it were necessary, Diedrich must assist him.

Diedrich complains about still having to clean up after Vincent's mistakes. Ciel says that he has not changed personality-wise, and adds that his appearance, on the contrary, has changed quite significantly. Diedrich chides him for referring to him by his first name, stating that he is not Ciel's fag. Subsequently, he pretends to call for an attack from Baldroy, which distracts Wolfram as well as confuses Baldroy. Diedrich seizes his chance to kick Wolfram and shoots his left wrist. An injured Wolfram jumps back and hides behind a tree.

Ciel asks Diedrich why he is there, and the latter responds that Ciel has gotten himself into deep trouble. He attempts to explain that the army is setting up something deadly in the Werewolves' Forest, but is forced to shield Ciel when a destructive blast cuts through a row of trees. Swiftly after the blast, Snake and Baldroy join Ciel and Diedrich.

The ground shakes violently, and an armored land vehicle emerges—a Panzer. Diedrich urges them to run.

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