The Butler, Hearkening (その執事、傾聴, Sono Shitsuji, Keichō) is Chapter 106 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Heinrich interrupts Diedrich, Ciel Phantomhive, and Sebastian Michaelis's conversation, notifying Diedrich that dinner is prepared. While they are heading to the dining room, Ciel tells Diedrich that his mission will be complete once he hands Sieglinde Sullivan over to Queen Victoria, and that they will leave for England as soon as the wounded are able to travel.

As soon as they reach the dining room, Ciel and Sebastian see Sieglinde stuffing her face, which causes them to doubt her level of readiness to meet with Queen Victoria. Sebastian muses that he will have to teach her the proper manners of a lady upon their return to England, to which Ciel says that that is entirely Sebastian's job, and adds that he should do so quickly since the Queen is eager to meet with her.

Later, Ciel, Sebastian, and Sieglinde visit a bedridden Wolfram Gelzer. His doctor informs them that Wolfram is recovering swiftly. After the man leaves, Wolfram asks Sebastian why he saved him, and Sebastian answers that it is because Ciel ordered him to. Ciel explains that Wolfram's duty was unfinished, since Sieglinde still needed someone to look after her—it is irresponsible of Wolfram, Ciel asserts, to have strangers take over the responsibility of protecting Sieglinde.

Wolfram begins to apologize to Sieglinde, but she stops him, saying that though she is angry with Wolfram for deceiving her, she also betrayed him since she was going to abandon him and depart from the Werewolves' Forest. She assures him that she has forgiven him and that he can continue being her butler. Wolfram hugs her and agrees to venture into the outside world alongside her.

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