His Butler, Dissolution
Kanji その執事、解消
Romaji Sono Shitsuji, Kaishō
Episode Number 22
Manga Chapters N/A
Arc Conspiracy and Revenge Arc
Previous Episode His Butler, Engaging Servants
Next Episode His Butler, Up in Flames
Japanese March 12, 2009
Theme Music
Opening Kiss of Monochrome
Ending Lacrimosa

His Butler, Dissolution (その執事、解消, Sono Shitsuji, Kaishō) is the twenty-second episode of season one of the Kuroshitsuji anime.


Still feeling guilty over Fred Abberline's death, Ciel has given a variety of presents to Abberline's pregnant fiancée, Maria; while in the meantime, the Phantomhive household prepares to travel to Paris for the exposition.

At the exposition, they hear of a sample of an angel, and go look, but sees only a normal monkey. However, the monkey's eyes glow red and he begins to attack. Ciel becomes upset, but Sebastian tells him he will take care of it, and has Ciel escape outside. Once outside, he spots Angela and takes off in the opposite direction of her, and arrives in the Eiffel Tower where he meets Queen Victoria.

The elevator begins to move, and she comments on the "dirty" and "unclean," stating that she needs to exterminate everything. Once out of the elevator, she begins to sing "London Bridge is Falling Down," and Ciel angrily questions her about his family's slaughter.

A strong wind blows her black veil off, revealing the face of a young girl. Ash states that due to her grief over her husband's death, she was nearly driven to suicide, so she could be with her husband forever, which prompted him to connect part of her husband's body with her. Queen Victoria then commands Ash to slay Ciel. When he attacks, Sebastian comes to Ciel's rescue.

Ciel then orders Sebastian to kill both Ash and the queen. Queen Victoria cries in distress, asking Ciel to stop it, while Ash's and Sebastian's fight causes debris to rain down on the citizens at the expo. Taking note of this, Ciel orders Sebastian to stop, which annoys and surprises Sebastian. In the diversion, Ash grows wings and takes Queen Victoria away.

While in the carriage leaving the expo, Sebastian again questions why he was stopped, but Ciel dismisses the question with a weak excuse. Sebastian points out, though, that he now has hesitation, and wonders why he is still loyal to the queen, but Ciel says he was never loyal to her. When Ciel insults Sebastian further, Sebastian becomes visibly annoyed, and states that Ciel must be tired.

When Ciel awakes, Sebastian is not present and does not come to his calls. He decides that Sebastian must have decided to abandon him, and tries to return to London on his own. While managing to make it to the harbor, as a child, he is walked over and finds it difficult on his own.

At the Phantomhive estate, Ash takes control of Pluto and has him set fire to the area surrounding the manor, and takes off with the Demon Hound.

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