Zero Butler
Kanji 零執事
Romaji Zero Shitsuji
Episode Number 34
Manga Chapters N/A
Previous Episode Hollow Butler
Next Episode Crossroads Butler
Japanese September 3, 2010
Theme Music
Opening SHIVER
Ending Bird

Zero Butler (零執事, Zero Shitsuji) is the thirty-fourth episode of the Kuroshitsuji anime and the tenth episode of season two.


Sebastian Michaelis is obliged to watch the Trancy manor from the woods surrounding the mansion. He becomes increasingly perturbed as Claude Faustus basks in many of Ciel Phantomhive's favorable qualities, with the other demon even daring to lick Ciel's foot. In the manor, Claude follows Ciel's every order attempting to please him, but he only succeeds in annoying him even more.

Claude attempts to convince Ciel to break his contract with Sebastian and forge a new one with him as his servant, but Ciel quickly refuses as he still wants to think about it, Claude states that he will wait. Claude encounters Sebastian outside the manor, and reminds him that per his master's order, he cannot be seen by Ciel.

Sebastian catches Grell Sutcliff attempting to take his photos and persuades him to help gather information about Luka and the village he and his demon destroyed, Arachnophile. At first Grell is a little reluctant to go against his orders, but quickly complies when Sebastian says that he would make 8 more 'handsome and cool' poses throughout the day. There, an ex-prostitute informs them of the carnage she witnessed at the hands of Luka Macken - only she was spared due to the kindness she showed him, having saved him from some bullies. Before she can explain further, she is killed by Thompson, Timber and Canterbury having shot at her forehead, who immediately engage Sebastian in combat. Sebastian easily defeats them and binds them upside-down to a tree and Grell finishes them off with his death scythe.

As Grell slices into the three, their cinematic record plays, showing they were present during the great fire that destroyed Arachnophile. The record also shows Ciel helping Hannah Annafellows stand after he accidentally hit her with his cane, which aggravates Sebastian to the point that he sprints angrily back to the Trancy estate, telling Grell that their teamwork ends there, leaving Grell to follow him.

Back at the mansion, Ciel has broken a mirror, under the impression he saw Alois Trancy's reflection. At first, Claude assigns Hannah to clean up the mess while Claude returns Ciel to his room, but Ciel then orders Claude to clean the mess in Hannah's place. In his bedchamber, Ciel laments to Hannah that he wishes to return to his own mansion. As he notes the "mysterious" color of Hannah's remaining eye, she abruptly tells him to look into her mouth, which opens to reveal a gaping abyss. Within, Alois's eye squirms and stares back. Not only can Ciel see the eye, he also sees himself from the eye's point of view, which causes him to scream from terror and shock until he faints.

Outside, Sebastian confronts Claude, and their rose-contract is severed. As they begin to battle one another, Ciel's voice can be heard from a thorn-covered clock tower. As Ciel calls for Sebastian, informing him that he'll climb to the top, Claude claims Sebastian is no longer fit to be called a butler because he violated an order; he must have been seen by his young master. Demons pride themselves in being able to follow every order given to them. However, Ciel's voice gradually becomes that of Alois Trancy, revealing that the soul in charge of Ciel's body is now Alois. Alois taunts Sebastian from the clock tower's edge, shouting that he will inevitably fall. Before the two can act, Hannah appears before the two butlers, stating that Alois has replaced Ciel.


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