Crossroads Butler
Hannah reveales ep11
Kanji 岐路執事
Romaji Kiro Shitsuji
Episode Number 35
Manga Chapters N/A
Previous Episode Zero Butler
Next Episode Black Butler
Japanese September 10, 2010
Theme Music
Opening SHIVER
Ending Bird

Crossroads Butler (岐路執事, Kiro Shitsuji) is the thirty-fifth episode of the Kuroshitsuji anime and the eleventh episode of season two.


Ciel's soul awakens inside his body to see himself looking down from the clock tower. Hannah explains that Ciel's body has been taken over by Alois, and that she will have them journey through the maze made by Alois, apparently altered in all aspects relating to his state of mind/heart. Ciel realizes he has been taken over and starts to sift through the memories in his head to decide which ones are his, and which ones are the fakes that Claude had inserted.

The two butlers begin their journey through the maze, and soon realize that the answers to the questions are being altered by Alois (and that he has given Claude an advantage). Grell arrives to help release Sebastian after he gets a wrong answer, while Alois scratches frantically at Ciel's body. Ciel begins to remember some events of last season, and Alois notes that Ciel is struggling to get back control of his body.

As Ciel remembers that his revenge is complete, the maze begins to shift, gradually being altered by Ciel's state of heart/mind. Ciel begins to question why Sebastian did not eat his soul, so it appears as a question in the maze. Sebastian replies that he was unable to eat Ciel's soul because he lost the arm with the seal of the contract on it, which provided a window of opportunity for Claude to steal Ciel's soul.

Claude reaches the place of the final question: why did Claude kill Alois? Claude answers that he killed him because he could ultimately be used as a tool to obtain Ciel. That isn't the answer Alois wants to hear, so he drops Claude down a chute. Alois begins to cry but Hannah tells him that he shouldn't cry and that Big Brother is always the best, something Luka used to say, prompting him to look up at her in surprise. Claude reveals in his answer to a question that it was actually Hannah who contracted with Luka. Hannah confirms it and said she had grown tired of eating human souls, as they had become boring. She tells him that Luka was different, and that when she fulfilled his wish, he thanked her for killing the townspeople, something no one had ever done.

Hannah, very attached to both Luka and Alois, asks Alois to make a new contract with her, to be reunited with Luka as she knows it is what he wants as well. Claude and Sebastian reunite at the place of the final question, and Ciel takes over his body, saying that until Sebastian eats his soul, that he is his butler, Sebastian replies gladly with "Yes, my Lord." However, Alois quickly takes back control of Ciel's body, saying that he has found those who love him.

As the butlers race to him, he and Hannah enter the clock tower and make a contract. Sebastian and Claude enter only to realise that they are too late. Both the Phantomhive and Trancy rings lie on the floor and the contract mark in Ciel's eye alternates between Sebastian's and Claude's, before changing to Hannah's, a new, turquoise one. Hannah's bandage over her eye is also burnt off as she reveals an identical contract mark printed on it. Alois faints after he tells Claude that he wanted his love, and Hannah informs the butlers that she has contracted with Alois and Ciel, that neither of them own the souls any longer.

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