His Butler, Liaison
Kanji その執事、交渉
Romaji Sono Shitsuji, Kōshō
Episode Number 42
Manga Chapters Chapters 28 and 29
Arc Circus Arc
Previous Episode His Butler, Taking Flight
Next Episode His Butler, Careful Tending
Japanese August 15, 2014
Theme Music
Opening ENAMEL
Ending Aoki Tsuki Michite

His Butler, Liaison (その執事、交渉, Sono Shitsuji, Kōshō) is the forty-second episode of the Kuroshitsuji anime, and the sixth episode of Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus.


An ill Ciel Phantomhive experiences a troubled sleep. In his dream, he recalls the deaths of his father and mother. Back then, he ran through the hallways of Phantomhive Manor, pleading for help. His following recollection shows him being imprisoned in a cage and sold off in an auction. Cultists burned a slave mark onto his back and tortured him. After Ciel desperately wished for their deaths, Sebastian Michaelis appeared and formed a Faustian contract with him.

William T. Spears confronts Sebastian, forbidding him from acting independently. They battle briefly, with William wielding his Death Scythe. Sebastian injures his hand by preventing the Scythe from penetrating Ciel's tent and hence disturbing his sleep. He attempts to negotiate a deal, but William refuses to comply, given his untrustworthy nature. Having no other choice, Sebastian is compelled to seek other means to attain the necessary information.

Doctor is sorting his cabinet, when Doll enters to ask about Ciel's condition. Ciel, immersed in a nightmare, remembers Angelina Dalles inquiring why he insists on being the underworld's guard dog; Ciel had answered that he is doing so for himself. He also recalls the revelation of Angelina as Jack the Ripper, their ensuing fight, her eventual death by the hands of Grell Sutcliff, and his vow to never regret and always pursue his revenge after her funeral. Ciel wakes up, finds Doll sleeping beside him, and remembers that he has commanded Sebastian to identify the man that owns the signet ring.

Elsewhere, Joker is about to leave, but is stopped by Beast. She tries to persuade him to escape from their father and make a living with the Noah's Ark Circus. He dismisses such proposal, believing that it is impractical. She hugs him from behind, and Joker reminds her that they must protect what is dear to them. Beast says that she cannot stand watching him suffer anymore, and is intending to confess, but Joker interrupts her, declaring that they cannot turn back now. He gives her his scarf, before departing.

Sebastian speaks up, asking if she is crying. Angrily, she tells him to mind his own business. He states that pursuing men like Joker is futile, and adds that because Joker cannot return her feelings, he has decided to be kind even though he is aware that that will only hurt her more. Sebastian continues to coax and carefully manipulate her. Subsequently, Beast succumbs to his promise of relieving her pain.

In Beast's tent, Sebastian seduces Beast into divulging secrets. She admits that her love for Joker is one-sided, and that he grew distant from her and the other first-stringers after their father put him in charge of the Circus. She discloses that their father is their patron, as he had paid for the development of their prosthetics—the seal on the prosthetics and the first-stringers themselves are the property of their father. Sebastian presses for the name of their father, and Beast, after demonstrating moderate reluctance, tells him it.

In the morning, Sebastian goes to Ciel, who shortly wakes up and realizes that Doll must have gone to breakfast. Ciel points out that Sebastian's gloves are removed, thus his black nails and their contract seal are on display; Sebastian responds by proclaiming that they have gotten dirty. Sebastian, then, asserts that he has completed his errand, and says that there is no need to stay at the Circus any longer. While carrying Ciel, he assures him that he will not tell Elizabeth Midford that Ciel shared his bed with Doll, another young lady, much to Ciel's chagrin.

As Ciel and Sebastian are on their way out, Sebastian informs William that they have finished their business there and will be taking their leave. William muses that now he can move freely as well.

Back at Ciel's London townhouse, Soma Asman Kadar scolds Ciel for disappearing for two days "without a word," while Agni welcomes him home. They soon discern that Ciel is sick. In Ciel's bedroom, Sebastian admits that he has no idea Ciel has been chronically ill since infancy and that as a proper butler, he must be prepared for any situation, but Ciel brushes this aside and urges him to report his findings. As ordered, Sebastian reveals that the coat of arms matching the seal belongs to Baron Kelvin. Ciel recognizes the name, saying that they had met before at a party Vincent Phantomhive took him to.

Ciel and Sebastian, then, prepare to set out, but they are stopped the dual efforts of Soma and Agni, who would not allow Ciel to venture outside until he recovers. Agni reprimands Sebastian for letting Ciel strain himself while he is ill, declaring that his master's health should be his first concern and that that is the butler aesthetic. Sebastian is convinced, and works alongside Soma and Agni to nurse Ciel back to health. Sebastian affirms that since they have made good progress on their mission, Ciel can afford to rest for a day. He adds that they can do everything the next day.

At the Circus, Peter slaps Doll for trusting strangers like Ciel. Jumbo stops Peter for hitting her again, and comments that not only Ciel is missing, but Sebastian and William are too; he says that if those three are working for Scotland Yard, it is dangerous for them to remain there. Dagger wonders aloud what they should do, since Joker has gone to see their father, and Peter announces that they have already decided what to do. Jumbo says that their father has told them the target is special this time, and that if they fail, they will infuriate him. Peter agrees with Jumbo, remarking that the target's place is not near any towns, so they must accomplish their mission before leaving London; he adds that it is almost morning, however, and thus, they will strike the next night. After they decide that they must report to Joker their plans, Beast volunteers to go. Wendy counters that without her, they will lose an essential fighter, and appoints Doll with the duty.

Afterward, Beast helps Doll get on her horse. Doll apologizes, but Beast claims that it is not her fault. Before Doll can question this, Beast encourages her to head off to Joker.

On the rooftop of Kelvin's manor, William complains that not only does he have to clean up after a colleague, the job he is assigned with is outside the scope of his administrative duties; furthermore, he has been forced into over a month of night duty "unsuitable for a civil servant." He adds that "still, it all ends tomorrow."

Meanwhile, Sebastian tosses the Funtom Corporation candy Doll has given Ciel into the fireplace, saying that they will end it all the next day.


  • The beginning scenes, Ciel's flashback of the day the manor burned down and his time in the cult, were added on Yana Toboso's request.[1]



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