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Anime's Synopsis

Agni mug







195cm (6'5")

Professional Status

Curry Contest

Previous Affiliation

Harold West Company


Butler of Soma Asman Kadar

Previous Occupation

Brahmin Noble in India

Base of Operations

Ciel Phantomhive's London Townhouse

Personal Status



Unnamed father

First Appearance
Manga Debut

Volume 3, Chapter 14

Anime Debut

Episode 13

Japanese Voice

Hiroki Yasumoto

English Voice

Patrick Seitz

Anime's Synopsis

Note: This section is under construction and revision.

Click "show" to read the arc plot.

Curry Contest Arc

He learns during the judging that Mina approached Prince Soma and crushed his hopes of her returning, making him question why he even helped Harold West, a concern that she dismisses.

When she and many other audience members go on the rampage from curryma, a spice that responds to the darkness in a person's heart, he reunites with Prince
Soma, who then orders him to stop Mina and the others. Aiding Sebastian, they prevent anyone from harming Queen Victoria long enough for them to be fed the cure, Sebastian's curry bread. Afterward, he thanks Sebastian for his help and wisdom, calling Sebastian a good friend, much to his surprise. It is implied that, after this, Agni and Soma return to India.

Conspiracy and Revenge Arc

Agni does not show up again until after the fire in London has been put out. He then returns to London with Soma and hands out curry bread to those affected by the fire.

Kuroshitsuji II

In his first appearance, he is seen with Soma, handing out curry bread to the poor. On a random account, Sebastian approaches him and claims that Ciel has been wiped of all his memories of what happened in the past year. He and Soma are clearly devastated, but all come to an agreement to never mention anything about his case when around him. He attends the costume party hosted by Alois Trancy and is barely able to prevent Soma from spoiling the whole plan when the latter cries loudly and vigorously hugs the puzzled and annoyed Ciel. In the costume party at Alois Trancy's mansion, he dresses up as Watson.

His final appearance takes place in the twelfth episode of the second anime series, Black Butler, when Sebastian visits Soma and hands him a farewell present from Ciel, who he learns has supposedly "died".

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