Black Record

The cover to "Black Record."

TV Animation Kuroshitsuji Black Record (TVアニメーション黒執事 TV Animeeshon Kuroshitsuji) catalogs the Kuroshitsuji anime. It contains 360-degree illustrations of the characters, cast and staff interviews, and in-depth articles and a message from Yana Toboso.


  • Release date: March 27, 2009
  • Released in: Japan
  • Publisher: Square Enix
  • ISBN: 978-4757525351
  • Page number: 124 pages


This Black Record is divided into six records (chapters) in total, with three records used for Illustration Galleries and the other three as Reading Articles.

Illustration Gallery

  • Record 1 with the subtitle A moment to cherish.

Characters in order of appearance:

  1. Sebastian Michaelis
  2. Ciel Phantomhive
  3. Baldroy
  4. Finnian
  5. Mey-Rin
  6. Angela
  7. Pluto
  • Record 2 with the subtitle Confront hard with elegance.

Characters in order of appearance:

  1. Ciel Phantomhive
  2. Sebastian Michaelis
  3. Angelina Dalles
  4. Lau
  5. Pluto
  6. Drossel Keinz
  7. Tanaka
  8. Grell Sutcliff
  9. Angela
  10. Agni
  11. Aleistor Chamber
  12. Soma
  13. Ash
  14. William T. Spears
  15. Undertaker
  • Record 3 with the subtitle Madness, Madness, Merrymaking!.

Characters in order of appearance:

  1. Sebastian Michaelis
  2. Ciel Phantomhive
  3. Elizabeth Midford
  4. Mey-Rin
  5. Tanaka
  6. Baldroy
  7. Finnian
  8. Phantomhive Household People in Kimono
  9. Lau
  10. Grell Sutcliff

Reading Articles

  • Record 4 with the subtitle of Monochrome Chessboard has all brief information about the characters in Kuroshitsuji Anime. There shown all costumes of each character along with his/her screenshots in the anime.
  • Record 5 with the subtitle of Backstage Waltz shows all the cast behind all Kuroshitsuji characters, along with the interviews of them too.
  • Record 6' or Final Record with the subtitle of The main base drawings from “Kuroshitsuji” contains the background design in Kuroshitsuji Anime, including tea sets, chairs, window patterns, Phantomhive Manor and more. There explained the details of the characters’ costume.


In the end of the Black Record, there is a message from Yana Toboso and some end credits.

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