The Butler, Composed
Chapter 34
Japanese Title その執事、従容
Sono Shitsuji, Shōyō
Volume 8
Chapter 34
Anime Episodes Episode 45
Arc Circus Arc
Release Date June 18, 2009
Previous Chapter The Butler, Confident
Next Chapter The Butler, Executor

The Butler, Composed (その執事、従容, Sono Shitsuji, Shōyō) is chapter 34 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Ciel reveals to Joker that the servants of the Phantomhive house are essentially a small army, capable of eradicating intruders. Distressed, Joker quietly wishes that at least the first-tier members of the Noah's Ark Circus will live, and wonders what could have been done differently. He begins crying, and is reprimanded for it by Ciel.

Doctor appears, and is surprised by Ciel and Sebastian's presence. He stands up, revealing that he is actually capable of walking. He notices that Kelvin has been killed, and is a little upset, but only because Baron Kelvin was someone who understood his ideals. It turns out the artificial limbs he makes are actually created from the bodies of children—they are not merely ceramic but literally fine bone china—calling it "the best recycling ever."

Joker was apparently unaware of this, and is disgusted. Doctor pulls out one of the brainwashed children from the cage, and says that Baron Kelvin supplied him with money and materials. Doctor pulls a girl onto the replica of the stone where Ciel was sacrificed and pulls a knife on her. Ciel remembers the day that happened to him, and becomes extremely distraught. He begins to scream and vomits, and Sebastian asks him if he is afraid. Sebastian removes Ciel's eye patch, and quietly advises him to "speak my name"; Ciel, still extremely shaken, manages to do so and orders him to "kill these guys," which he does with ease.

Ciel then orders Sebastian to burn the place, but Sebastian tries to convince him otherwise, stating that Queen Victoria has requested that the children return safely. Ciel ignores him, and insists that he burns the place. Pulling off his glove on his left hand, he uses the sign of his contract to ignite the mansion.

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