The Butler, Wailing
Chapter 44
Japanese Title その執事、哀号
Sono Shitsuji, Aigō
Volume 10
Chapter 44
Anime Episodes Book of Murder ‒ Part 1
Arc Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc
Release Date April 16, 2010
Previous Chapter The Butler, Stalwart
Next Chapter The Butler, Disturbed

The Butler, Wailing (その執事、哀号, Sono Shitsuji, Aigō) is chapter 44 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


In the discussion with all the guests, and as promised, Arthur Conan Doyle became the leader of them all. He says, according to the original scenario, it was only Sebastian Michaelis whom was possible to kill Patrick Phelps at the time. The main question is that they cannot find the key to the Earl's bedroom.

Karl Woodley, Irene Diaz, Grimsby Keane, Lau and Ran-Mao stay in the guest room with the remaining people joining Ciel Phantomhive and Arthur to go to the cellar, where Sebastian's corpse is lying with the others. Their main goal is to find the key, which may be on Sebastian's Albert (watch chain). On the journey to where the corpses were, it was revealed that Charles Grey was actually scared of ghosts (invisible things).

When they arrive, they find Sebastian wet. Baldroy comments that the roof must be leaking because of the heavy rain. They take off Sebastian's black coat to search further, but there are no results. After finding nothing, they go back to gather again with the other guests.

Having an idea that the key might be in Sebastian's bedroom, a group goes to search there. Sebastian's room is very spacious and sparsely furnished, which makes searching easier. The other servants and Ciel all remark that they have seldom been in here. The room turns out to contain very few personal possessions; this leads to some musings on the butler's mysterious past, and Ciel recalls that at the time of their bargain he didn't ask, or care, who Sebastian had worked for before. Ciel finally searches Sebastian's cupboard, in which, it's revealed, he keeps about a dozen cats. Ciel's allergy becomes too active, causing him to sneeze, and he is forced to leave the room. As a result they find nothing, so they decide to check on everyone's baggage. When Mey-Rin checks on Irene's baggage, she found a bottle of red liquid, which is possibly blood, but forgets her suspicions after seeing Ran-Mao toying with underwear.

Finnian and Mey-Rin arrives to say that they would search outside, in the middle of the storm. Although Ciel had forbid them to, they insist, which makes Baldroy to chase them out of the rain. Ciel sighes and does nothing.

Baldroy chases after the two, and Mey-Rin refused to go back. Mey-Rin and Finnian explained that they do not know where the key is, so they insist to search in any case before getting swept by the storm. Though then, Baldroy forbids them to and said that Sebastian would even be sad to watch them suffering.

Mey-Rin says that they have to do their best to serve the young master and Sebastian, as they had rescued them from their paths. Baldroy lost friends in a war; Finnian was a failure of an experiment; Mey-Rin was a sniper. In the servants' sight, Sebastian is a true leader of theirs. Later, Tanaka arrives with an umbrella and told the servants to come in before the storm gets heavier.

The servants found out that the food stocks are empty, as Charles Grey eats a lot too. Meanwhile, Ciel and the other guests were discussing about the events, when then Lau explains about his idea of a thirteenth person. Lau said that the person should not be far from the mansion. Right after Lau said it, a great knock from the cellar door was heard, and Lau said that it is possibly the thirteenth person who should not exist.

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