The Butler, Dispensable
Chapter 46
Japanese Title その執事、不要
Sono Shitsuji, Fuyō
Volume 10
Chapter 46
Anime Episodes Book of Murder ‒ Part 2
Arc Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc
Release Date June 18, 2010
Previous Chapter The Butler, Disturbed
Next Chapter The Butler, Contemplative

The Butler, Dispensable (その執事、不要, Sono Shitsuji, Fuyō) is chapter 46 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


Baldroy is observing Jeremy Rathbone, and still suspicious of him. Jeremy, Charles, Arthur, and Ciel then go to investigate each of the corpses, starting with Siemens. Jeremy obsereves that there is only one external injury on Siemens ‒ a single stab that appears to have come from a sharp-edged blade. Jeremy deduces that Siemens was a violent drinker during his lifetime from observing that Siemens' watch, which was very expensive, has several scratches around the winding key hole and that the strong smell of alcohol was proof that he was drinking strong liquor right until his death. Jeremy also notes there is a faint smell of the sea, causing Charles to look seriously at Jeremy. Jeremy requests to borrow one of Arthur's handkerchiefs, and puts it into Siemans' mouth, much to Arthur's shock and disgust. Jeremy looks at the handkerchief, but says nothing, and hands it back to Arthur.

Jeremy then investigates Patrick's body, and Arthur shares his theory that Patrick was killed by an injection of poison, but Jeremy does not comment. Jeremy then requests to see the room in which Patrick died, but as they are climbing the stairs, Charles notices that Jeremy is not following. However, Jeremy appears a moment later, holding a handkerchief of his own and sweating from effort.

Jeremy investigates the room in which Patrick died in, and announces that there are several killers in this crime, and that it will be easy to capture Siemens' killer but that it will be troublesome to capture Patrick's. Jeremy then declares that there will be two requirements to capture Patrick's killer; one is to wait for nightfall, and the other is to have Ciel's cooperation. This confuses Ciel, but Jeremy assures him that he will reveal everything at nightfall.

Jeremy then goes to investigate Sebastian's body, but instead of removing the cloth that covers the body, he only lifts it up partically. At the sight of Sebastian's body, Ciel seems to feel distraught, diverting Charles' attention from Sebastian's body before he could look at it. Ciel claims that seeing Sebastian's body so many times is too much for him, to which Charles reacts sceptically to, saying "Weren't you fine when you stripped the butler's corpse awhile ago?". Jeremy then declares that Sebastian died quite simply, surprising Charles in how quick he finished.

Charles then declares that he is hungry, and leaves to rejoin the other guests. Jeremy tell Ciel and Arthur to go back as well, and that he will oversee the preparations for that night. Charles secretly rushes back to the room holding Sebastian's body, and removes the sheet covering Sebastian's body, seemingly not expecting Sebastian to be underneath it, but he is.

The servants are seen in the kitchen worring over the lack of food to serve. Jeremy arrives and suggests they make soy meat. Baldroy quickly agrees to cook the beans, and Finnian to pick the herbs. Mey-Rin voulenteers to get wine, and remembers seeing the bottle full of dark red liquid in Irene's baggage and tells Jeremy about it. Jeremy is intruiged by this knowledge and says that he thinks that he can guess what the liquid is. He agrees to tell them what it is later, but that they should be focusing on making dinner at the moment.

Dinner is served to everyone's satisfaction, and Lau asks since they're all there that Jeremy tell them the truth of what happened. Jeremy says not to be too hasty, and that there are still some things that he wants to prepare before doing so. Jeremy then asks for Ciel's assistance, to which Jeremy asks for Ciel to remove his clothes, much to Ciel's surprise.

The scene cuts to much later that night, with Ciel remembering Jeremy telling Ciel to not raise his voice, move and to be patient and not open his eyes until he tells him to. If Ciel doesn't, then he will be "caught by the strings of death" before he could blink. Arthur remembers Jeremy assuring them that the killer will definitely come to Ciel's bed that night, but he didn't know where, so they would need to keep focused.

Jeremy and Arthur hear noices indicating that something is coming, and Ran-Mao reveals herself to have hidden under the blankets in Ciel's bed. Ran-Mao manages to capture the killer under the sheets, and Charles moves in to kill it, though he is stopped by Jeremy. Charles is shocked that Jeremy managed to stop his blade, and Jeremy tells him that "It's an important witness. We'd be in trouble if you killed them!" Arthur sheds candlelight onto the killer and is shocked, asking "This is the killer?!"

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