The Butler, At the Helm
Chapter 52
Japanese Title その執事、 運航
Sono Shitsuji, Unkō
Volume 11
Chapter 52
Anime Episodes Book of the Atlantic
Arc Luxury Liner Arc
Release Date December 18, 2010
Previous Chapter The Butler, Setting Sail
Next Chapter The Butler, In the Fray

The Butler, At the Helm (その執事、 運航, Sono Shitsuji, Unkō) is Chapter 52 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


On the first class passenger deck, Elizabeth Midford, in tears, hugs Ciel Phantomhive joyfully. She is ecstatic that he has decided to partake in the voyage, despite his refusal to earlier. Francis snaps at Elizabeth, scolding her for displaying an indecent behavior publicly. Alexis Leon, Elizabeth's father, and Edward, her older brother, are shown. Edward agrees with his mother before losing his composure and yelling at Ciel, telling him he still hasn't acknowledged him as his brother-in-law yet so he should get off of Elizabeth. Ciel sighs and asks Edward why he's still saying that before being distracted by Alexis's intense and prominent stare. Abruptly, he hugs Ciel tightly, greeting him as his future son and noting he's still as cute as ever.

The scene changes into Ciel eating with the Midford family. Sebastian and Snake are shown having their hair combed back. Elizabeth asks Ciel to escort her to the dinner party, and he agrees. Edward glares at Ciel, infuriated, since he was the one supposed to escort Elizabeth.

Three days later, Elizabeth and Ciel are at the passenger lounge where Elizabeth prompts that she will get some cake, which she finds cute, for Ciel and runs off without his confirmation that he wants any. Ciel is dejected, complaining that nobles don't do anything important, but socially gather to talk about irrelevant things, feeling stupid to abandon his work to come here. Sebastian serves him a plate of food and foreshadows that "it's tonight." Ciel says that the signal of the opening of the Aurora Society's meeting is a waiter walking around the hall, carrying empty glasses. The attendees would take and go to the meeting place. Ciel warns Sebastian to not overlook the signal as some nobles disparage Snake of his anomalous skin, stating that the place is turning into a freak show.

Snake tells Ciel that people would laugh at him for being together with Snake since he looks different from everyone else. Ciel asks what of it and says that, of course, Snake would look different since he's another person so he shouldn't be ashamed. Ciel then adds that he's free to be with whoever he wants and no one can tell him otherwise. Sebastian agrees and pats Snake's shoulder, reminding him that he's now a footman of a distinguished noble family, so he should be more confident in himself.

Ciel and Sebastian notice the signal after a man takes an empty glass and begins to walk upstairs. Ciel thrusts his unfinished plate to Snake and tells him to clean up and follows Sebastian to pursue the man. Snake stares at the plate in his hands blankly before taking a bite and noting that it tastes delectable.

Ciel and Sebastian approach the first-class smoking room after disguising themselves. The man earlier has to pay an extravagant price for a glass of water to show that he's qualified enough to enter. Sebastian says that in order to be permitted into the Aurora Society, they must also know the fixed greeting. Ciel scolds him for not saying it sooner and asks what's the greeting. Sebastian whispers it into his ear and Ciel is shown shocked and horrified.

Sebastian pays for the expensive glass of water and they both enter the room. An aged man approaches them and inquires if they are first-timers. Ciel begins to recite the greeting and, much to his reluctance, declares he's a phoenix and poses as one along with Sebastian, with their arms raised and left legs up and tucked. Ciel is embarrassed and starts to doubt that it's the correct greeting, but the man responds, posing as a phoenix as well, welcoming them to Aurora Society, and gives them their membership badges. While Ciel is in his state of mortification, vowing he will never do that again, the Undertaker appears and laughs at Ciel.

Sebastian questions why the Undertaker is here and he says it is his job and that the hospital is his regular customer. Ciel informs him that they're investigating the illegal human experimentation said to be going on in the Aurora Society and asks the Undertaker if he knows anything relevant to the case of reviving the dead. The Undertaker asks Ciel to repeat the Phoenix pose as compensation for his information. As Ciel protests, Aleistor Chamber walks over to them. Ciel, still traumatized and disgusted with him since the Jack the Ripper incident, hides behind Sebastian as he and Aleistor exchange a light conversation. Aleistor asks if he has met Ciel somewhere before which Ciel strongly claims the negative. Aleistor then proceeds to note how pitiful it is for Ciel to have a bandage on one of his beautiful eyes. Ciel notices the Undertaker missing, but before he could delve deeper, Aleistor exclaims the show's starting.

Aleistor identifies Rian Stoker as the founder as four men bring in a coffin and set it down ostentatiously on a table. Rian recites the greeting and poses as a phoenix before saluting the audience. He thanks them for coming to his research presentation of the Aurora Society's "complete salvation of mankind through medicine." He then vivaciously explains how marvelous health i.e. salvation is.

Rian then states that there's a horrendous kind of health issue that's inevitable which he defines as death. He claims that the one thing that would save them all from the imminent catastrophe is the Aurora Society's medicine. The coffin is lifted and Rian classified the corpse as Margaret Connor, a seventeen-year-old girl. Rian experiments the artificial medicine on the corpse. The corpse begins rising from the coffin and Margaret's parents rush in to embrace her out of happiness.

Margaret, however, suddenly opens her mouth widely and bites into her mother's neck viciously. The crowd screams and runs in terror, realizing the newfound peril. Ciel and Sebastian remove their disguises, and Sebastian deftly throws knives at Margaret in order to stop her terrorizing. Despite stabbing her through the heart, she still continues to move and attack.

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