The Butler, In the Fray
Chapter 53
Japanese Title その執事、乱闘
Sono Shitsuji, Rantō
Volume 12
Chapter 53
Anime Episodes Book of the Atlantic
Arc Luxury Liner Arc
Release Date January 18, 2011
Previous Chapter The Butler, At the Helm
Next Chapter The Butler, Peerless

The Butler, In the Fray (その執事、乱闘, Sono Shitsuji, Rantō) is Chapter 53 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


The chapter begins with Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive perplexed and bemused by the revived corpse, Margaret Connor. Sebastian contemplates about the corpse, certain that he has stabbed her through the heart, and says that it is a being who he does not understand. Ciel says that he has not expected Lau's story of "The Aurora Society's reviving the dead may not be occult" to be true. Rian Stoker is found cursing that his experiment has failed. He subsequently orders his men to eradicate the corpse which they respond by shooting at Margaret. The bullets pierced through her proved ineffectual as she proceeds to kill the men who shot at her. After attacking one man, Rian is terrified and cursed his men as useless, running away.

Ciel, appalled, is about to chase Rian yet Sebastian stops him and suggests dismembering Margaret so it will not be able to move. Ronald Knox appears and informs the duo that "these guys can't be killed unless you smash in their heads, ya know" and advances to demonstrate, smashing Margaret's head with his lawn mower i.e. his Death Scythe. Ronald lectures them to pay more attention to important stuff. He reaps the soul of Margaret's mother, Susannah Connor, causing her Cinematic Record to begin playing, briefly displaying her childhood. Ciel realizes Ronald as a Grim Reaper, due to his previous knowledge about Grell Sutcliff, another Shinigami. Ronald notices Sebastian's outfit and asks if he's the rumored "Sebas-chan," which is the nickname Grell has labeled Sebastian. Sebastian responds, saying that although he has a strong aversion to that name, he is indeed Sebastian Michaelis, the Phantomhive family butler.

The conversation progresses after Ronald introduces himself and claims he is here to investigate about the corpses and their souls, saying he knows no specific details about it either. He moves on to say that he has received Margaret's soul two weeks ago, so he's confounded to see her corpse moving once again. Ciel muses that the corpses are not revived then; they are only able to move. Sebastian notes that Ronald only knows about stopping their movements i.e., smashing their hands and not particularly killing them. Hearing this, Ciel concludes that their only option is to pry information out of Rian and they both attempts to depart.

Ronald Knox, however, suddenly attacks and Sebastian quickly blocks the lawn mower, thus protecting Ciel. Ronald says that if the administration hears about a demon being on board, loose and unstopped, he'd be falsely accused of allowing it to snatch all the souls, since demons have a notorious reputation of doing so. He suggests Sebastian to just vanish. Ciel, on the other hand, continues on, telling Sebastian that when's he done "playing," he will catch up with him.

Ronald, distracted, points out that Ciel is nasty for simply leaving and implies that kids nowadays are impertinent. Sebastian seizes the opportunity of Ronald's inattentiveness to kick him which Ronald managed to narrowly dodge. As the battle drags on, Ronald is able to destroy Sebastian's knives with his lawn mower, earning a praise from Sebastian of how impeccably sharp Shinigami's death scythes are. Ronald agrees and manages to cut his opponent's cheek with a knife, much to Sebastian's surprise. Ronald says Shinigami' obsession with their death scythes is overrated and restates how kids these days are really nasty.

Meanwhile, Ciel is shown running down the stairs with a gun, in pursuit of Rian Stoker. A mysterious hand taps Ciel's shoulder and he whirls around, pointing his gun, to realize the hand belongs to Elizabeth Midford. She pouts about how he almost shot his own fiancée. She initially explains that she was following him and tries to give him the cake she promised to deliver. Ciel claps a hand over her mouth, shushing her, and says that he can't fuss with her at the moment and tells her to go back to Francis Midford. He runs off and she is shown scared, afraid of being alone, and calls for Ciel.

Ciel proceeds to the bottom freight storage of the ship with a lamp. He notices a bulge in the darkness and points his light at it, demanding who is it, which is revealed to be Snake. Snake cringes and says it's too bright and Ciel asks why he is down here. Snake explains that he thought the food is scrumptious so he thought he'd share it with everyone, referring to his snakes.

Suddenly, Elizabeth, distressed, appears, begging Ciel to don't leave her. Ciel scolds her to go back up and she counters, saying she wants him to eat the cake she brought. Elizabeth hands over the plate to find it abruptly empty, although it has a piece of cake on it a moment ago.

A Bizarre Doll is found behind her, his mouth with traces of the cake, and attempts to bite Elizabeth. Ciel quickly grabs her, pulling her away from the danger. The light from his lamp shines on the corpse to reveal the Aurora Society's mark, a symbol similar to a bird, on it. Ciel is shocked that Rian has revived yet another corpse into a bizarre doll. He then tells Snake to take care of Elizabeth while he deals with the bizarre doll. Snake, however, points and says that the "bird mark...there's more over there." His statement proved true when dozens of coffins are shown lined up, all with the Aurora Society's mark engraved on the front. The coffins began moving, arousing the sense of adversity.

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