The Butler, Activated
Chapter 6
Japanese Title その執事、始動
Sono Shitsuji, Shidō
Volume 2
Chapter 6
Anime Episodes Episode 4
Arc Red Butler Arc
Release Date February 17, 2007
Previous Chapter The Butler, Busy
Next Chapter The Butler, Capricious

The Butler, Activated (その執事、始動, Sono Shitsuji, Shidō) is chapter 6 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


It is the social season in London, and Ciel has been invited to a variety of events. Despite his disgust with this lifestyle, Ciel decides to go to his London townhouse anyway, where he finds Lau, Angelina Dalles, and Grell Sutcliff looting through his home in search for tea. They state that because they learned of Ciel going to London, they could not resist coming to see him.

Sebastian makes tea, and they decide to begin discussing the Jack the Ripper murders. Lau decides he would like to go to a crime scene, but it is then revealed that he does not actually know where it is. In order to get more information, they go see a London funeral director known only as Undertaker.

At his place of business, Undertaker reveals that he knows more about the murders than the average citizen, but insists that he get a "first-rate laugh" for payment before he says anything on the matter. Sebastian is able to amuse him successfully, and Undertaker reveals that the victims are all missing their wombs, which are removed such with expertise that it could have only have been done by a medical professional.

In the carriage ride back the manor, they speculate that anyone with medical training could be the murderer, and that the womb and organs are likely removed for use in a black magic ritual. Sebastian jumps out of the moving carriage to go compile a list of potential suspects.

They arrive back to the estate late, because Grell got lost, and discover that Sebastian had already beaten them back there, prepared tea, and compiled a list of suspects and alibis. Madam Red, who is thoroughly impressed, asked how he managed this, to which he simply says he is "one hell of a butler."

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