The Butler, Fighting Valiantly
Chapter 65
Japanese Title その執事、敢闘
Sono Shitsuji, Kantousyō
Volume 14
Chapter 65
Anime Episodes Book of the Atlantic
Arc Luxury Liner Arc
Release Date January 17, 2012
Previous Chapter The Butler, Gravely Wounded
Next Chapter The Butler, Frenzied

The Butler, Fighting Valiantly (その執事、敢闘, Sono Shitsuji, Kantousyō) is Chapter 65 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


The chapter begins with people in the lifeboats witnessing the ship being split in half by Undertaker. People on the ship start falling off into the water as the ship is gradually sinking. Sebastian Michaelis carries Ciel Phantomhive as he jumps from one half to another, trying to find a firm standing. Seeing no other choice, Sebastian puts Ciel into a life preserver and tells him to take a deep breath before throwing him into the water, much to the latter's surprise.

The scene changes to an unconscious Grell Sutcliff floating in the midst of the ocean, not far away from all the commotion of the sinking ship. William T. Spears uses his Death Scythe to angrily pick them up and mutters that they cannot even do their job properly. He was mobilized from another department to come and help them and he notices that he "can't finish up in time again today." He forces Grell and Ronald Knox to wake up. Upon gaining consciousness, Grell immediately gets excited at the sight of William and lunges for him, only to miss and fall back into the water. William, annoyed, orders to hurry up and continue collecting souls. Ronald complains that they are "all beaten up here," but William says that is no excuse to stop work. Grell comments how "that gaze, even colder than the sea, ignoring any kind of human rights, [it] sets my body ablaze!" Ronald muses on how he is able to manage. William tells the pair that after they are done, they are to file a report to the Headquarters about the "violator."

The scene then changes to Ciel again, who is floating in his life preserver in the ocean, holding onto Undertaker's lockets. He comments on how the coldness of the water hurts as though he has been stabbed all over. His tired limbs give away and he falls into the water. He continues falling until Sebastian grabs hold of his neck collar and pulls him up again into a small life boat. Sebastian asks Ciel to wear his coat and apologizes for not being able to prepare hot tea for him. They move off as if they go back, their boat would be sunk too.

Whilst Sebastian is paddling the boat, Ciel comments on how his hair is freezing up, in exhaustion. He is about to doze off before Sebastian hastily tells him not to sleep. Suddenly, a Bizarre Doll splashes up from behind, grabs onto Sebastian's leg and bites it viciously. Sebastian hurriedly kicks at her head and kills her. Ciel expresses shock that they can move in water and Sebastian says that they do not need to breathe so they cannot drown either. They fall silent and discover that they have been surrounded by many Bizarre Dolls from all directions. Ciel tells Sebastian to get into the boat and the latter decapitates some Bizarre Dolls in the process. Sebastian comments on how they will probably keep going after souls until their body rots away, which means that Ciel was the only living human around here.

Ciel then says that they cannot escape as if they do then Elizabeth Midford and the rest of the survivors would be targeted. Sebastian comments that "whether it's a good or bad thing... they only seem interested in the soul nearest to them." Ciel questions whether Sebastian can take out all of them, to which the latter replies that his master need not ask his servant to do anything. Ciel then proceeds to order Sebastian to eradicate all the Bizarre Dolls. Sebastian states that it will get a little shaky and tells Ciel to hold onto the boat as he starts killing off the Bizarre Dolls. During the process, Sebastian muses on how interesting it is that "humans will drag others down in order to get what they want, even in death." He calls them insatiable creatures.

The scene changes to where all the survivors are being rowed away in their lifeboats. Some passengers are panicking on what the voices are and what is happening. Edward Midford states that there might be survivors and orders someone to turn the boat around. The person protests that it is too dangerous to move carelessly in the darkness, coupled with the potential jeopardy of the fact that those "monsters" could still be out there. Snake is seen whispering Ciel's previous circus name, Smile, and Edward says his name too, whilst holding onto his still unconscious sister.

It is now dawn and the scene switches back to a piece of ocean with wooden boat parts and dead Bizarre Dolls drifting within it. Ciel wonders whether it is over and suddenly Sebastian jerks in pain. He comments on how a Death Scythe blow is quite tough even on someone like him. Ciel wonders what Undertaker's goal is and muses that as long as he holds onto his funeral lockets, they would meet again someday. Sebastian states that he did not want to cause his master any harm but he would rather not run into him again. Sebastian coughs heavily and Ciel comments that he has never seen him like this before. Sebastian apologizes for his unseemly state and says that he has failed as the Phantomhive family butler. They notice a rescue ship coming in their direction and Ciel tells Sebastian that he cannot have his butler stay like this and says that he should take a good rest when they get back home. Ciel states that Sebastian has done well today to which Sebastian smiles it off and asks his master to please stop. For him to say such a thing, "I don't wish to see a storm after all this."

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