The Butler, Gaining Admittance (その執事、入場, Sono Shitsuji, Nyūjō) is Chapter 74 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


The students of Purple House evacuate from the burning building. Sebastian Michaelis uses his demonic senses to search for Derrick Arden, but fails to perceive the soul of the said individual, as well as the five students that have been reassigned dormitories. He concludes that Derrick was never inside the Purple House.

Meanwhile, Gregory Violet gazes at the fire in awe, but is distracted when the rest of the P4 and their respective Fags gather. The Houses collaborate to extinguish the fire. As ordered by Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian also aids in this goal by carrying over large quantities of water with Soma Asman Kadar's elephant.

Gregory passionately refuses their admission to the Purple House, and Soma admonishes him for his "worthless pride." Cheslock confronts Soma, but then Gregory agrees to let them help. Cheslock vows that he will remember and repay this deed to them.

Later, Ciel finds out from McMillan that the headmaster will attend the cricket tournament. He says that The headmaster invites one player who performed in a fashion befitting of a gentleman to the midnight tea party, but the criteria varies every year. Afterward, Clayton informs Ciel that he will be a cricket player for the tournament, as he has been strongly recommended by Professor Michaelis. Soon after, Ciel joyfully thanks the professor.

On the third day of June, at the large dining hall, Johann Agares welcomes the visitors to the opening ceremony of the traditional cricket tournament, in which the Midford family has attended as well. Players are presented, with each individual adorned in a particular outfit that symbolizes their respective dormitories. The dorms Green Lion, coined as the "Top of the World," Scarlet Fox, coined as the "Brilliant Eden," Violet Wolf, coined as the "Ghost Legion," and the Sapphire Owl, coined as "God Only Knows," are introduced.

The prefects step forward to light the flame of St. George while pledging to abide by fairness and tradition. With this, Johann declares the commencement of the 1889 school year's cricket tournament.

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