The Butler, Bowling Well (その執事、好投, Sono Shitsuji, Kōtō) is Chapter 80 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.


The final batsman is Herman Greenhill. Lawrence Bluewer throws his ball, and Herman deflects it with an incredibly powerful move that propels the ball to boundary 6. Edward Midford muses about the mighty swing that has the potential to destroy everything, dubbing Herman's stance and performance as "Sword Excalibur." The score is now set to 105 to 103, with Blue House in the lead only by two runs. Ciel Phantomhive convinces the discouraged Lawrence to try once more, with his best shot.

Lawrence throws his final ball as a student, and Herman attempts to execute his potent move again. However, while gathering momentum for the swing, he accidentally hits Ciel, who was standing behind him, in the head. The injured Ciel takes advantage of the commotion, and hurls the ball at the wicket. The umpire then calls it an out, and the end of the match; the score is 105 to 104, with Blue House as the winner. The audience and especially the students of the Blue House rejoice in victory. Sebastian Michaelis steps in and takes Ciel, stating that he needs medical aid immediately.

At the sanatorium, Sebastian treats Ciel's injury, and Ciel scolds him to be more gentle. Sebastian comments that everything has went according to plan, and Ciel reveals that he has deliberately handed Lawrence a ball with a slight weight difference than the previous; thanks to this, it has a great impact on the ball's trajectory. Herman has instinctively stepped back a little in accordance to the ball's trajectory, and because of that, the tip of the big bat he was wielding could reach the wicketkeeper (i.e. Ciel). Ciel says that, nevertheless, he does not understand why Lawrence would throw the ball that he knew is going to lose (as had it not been for Ciel's strategy, they would have actually lost), and Sebastian remarks that he does not understand the human aesthetic of "a beautiful loss," either.

Afterward, Sebastian presents the headmaster's hat and suit, saying that the headmaster was able to outrun him, much to Ciel's astonishment. Sebastian is about to give him dessert, but the students of the Blue House rush in the infirmary to commend Ciel. McMillan then urges Ciel to attend the boat parade.

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