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Charles Grey
Charles Grey
Kanji チャールズグレイ
Romaji Chāruzu Gurei
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Queen Victoria's Private Secretarial Officer and Butler
Base of Operations Buckingham Palace, London
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Volume 8, Chapter 35
Japanese Voice N/A

Earl Charles Grey (チャールズグレイ, Chāruzu Gurei) is a code-named double Charles (the other being Charles Phipps), and a member of Queen Victoria's Private Secretarial Officers, as well as her butler.[1] He is an earl, and thus, the head of house, in his family line. His family is said to be so famous that a flavor tea is named after them (Earl Grey).[2]


Charles Grey - full body
Grey in his uniform
- DarkchyldeAdded by - Darkchylde

Grey has shaggy silver hair, of which most is about chin-length, except for a small patch at the rear of his head that extends to his mid-back; his forelocks are choppy and uneven in style. He is roughly a head shorter than Phipps, and is rather boyish in appearance with a skinny body and young facial features that consist of silver eyes and long eyelashes.

Grey colored
Grey's manga coloring
SereneChaosAdded by SereneChaos

His uniform is similar to Phipps's; however, he has some personal adjustments made to it. The pants are tucked into knee-high boots, over which are knee-high spats that have striped tops and a bow on each facing the outside. He leaves his white swallowtail coat unfastened, exposing a dark, lace-embellished, button-down shirt with a thin, long bow tie around his neck. Over his left breast, he dons a pin that consists of a bow with a profile view of Queen Victoria hanging below it on a short chain. His jacket also seems to have much longer coattails, compared to the ones Phipps and John Brown possess. Grey sports a belt slung low on his hips to holster a gold caged Rapier on his right hand side; the sword's hilt is fashioned with gold, and he wears black gloves to provide grip.


Grey is an outgoing, energetic and vigorous individual, who has knack of engaging in combat; as eager to fight as he is, he refers to it as "play." As for his job, he desires to be an active participant, as opposed to simply observing from the sidelines and reporting the situation; on one mission where he is assigned to do the very thing he detests, he has complained about how "pitiful" it is and questions if they are being punished by getting such a mundane task.[3]

Grey enjoys fighting skilled opponents in particular, cheerfully grinning throughout the fight, and commenting happily on their skills. He has stated that he loves toying with an opponent who cannot resist, and he will use any method to win, as he hates losing, even if it is only a game.[4] He is a bit arrogant, however, to a certain extent, believing his skills to be superior to that of his adversary; nevertheless, the confidence is well-founded, with him being excellent at close-range battle; he is able to cut Mey-Rin's guns in half with a single run past her. He also seems to bear little regard as to whether his opponent is male or female, stomping on Mey-Rin's chest with enough force to cause her to spit blood and fall to the ground.[5] Despite these quirks, it is said that he serves England with the same shrewdness that his grandfather did.[2]

Even though he has great zeal for fighting, when stopped, Grey will pause without pursuing it further. He carries his
Charles grey snack
An example of his cheerful attitude.
Blackdragon14Added by Blackdragon14
enthusiasm into other aspects of his life and job, as he has joyfully munched on a sweet after Sebastian Michaelis prevented him from attacking Baldroy.[6] Despite his typically youthful demeanor, he also seems to be extremely intelligent, fully aware of how to manipulate Ciel Phantomhive to get him to agree to an optional mission.[7]

Furthermore, Grey works well with Phipps, as they usually accomplish their missions together. Irrespective of Grey's own eccentricities, he occasionally seems thrown off by Phipps's oddities, as demonstrated by his surprise when Phipps sews a flower into Finnian's hat in order to patch it.[8]

Additionally, Grey is afraid of ghosts, saying that "he only believes in things he can cut with his sword."[9] He also has a large appetite, as he has eaten an entire dinner's worth of curry when he was "a little hungry."[10] Aside from his bottomless stomach when it comes to eating, he is also shown to be quite a proficient drinker. While Georg von Siemens has fallen ill to wine after only three glasses, Grey is seen with a mountain of glasses and flasks, looking as casual as ever.[11]

Manga's SynopsisEdit

Noah's Ark Circus ArcEdit

John and others
Grey, Phipps and John watch the Kelvin manor.
TwocentsAdded by Twocents

From afar, Grey, Charles Phipps and John Brown watch Baron Kelvin's manor burn. Phipps comments that they are there to document the goings-on and report back to Queen Victoria. Grey complains that the task is so pitiful that maybe they are being punished, and Phipps adds that all that matters is the Queen's will.[12]

Phantomhive Manor Murder Case ArcEdit

Charles fight
Sebastian intervenes in Grey's and Baldroy's fight.
TwocentsAdded by Twocents

Grey arrives with Phipps at the Phantomhive manor, where he lets himself in by cutting down the door. Baldroy and Mey-Rin are in the kitchen, the room he cut into, and immediately go on the defensive. Using his sword, he attacks them, but they counter by using a kitchen knife and guns. However, with his superior skills, he is able to cut Mey-Rin's guns and knock her to the ground. Before he can deliver a final blow to Baldroy, however, Sebastian Michaelis steps in. Being stopped by Sebastian, he and Phipps formally introduce themselves, and reveal that they have a message from the queen to Ciel.

Sitting down with Ciel, they explain that the queen would like Ciel to host a banquet and to entertain a guest in two weeks time. While Ciel initially refuses, Grey points out that the queen is not pleased with Ciel's report on the Noah's Ark Circus mission, prompting Ciel to agree in order to redeem himself. Grey then announces that he is the overseeing officer for the mission and wants to participate, which Ciel agrees to. They then take their leave, and on the way out, they encounter Finnian. Using exceptional speed, Phipps fixes Finnian's hat, much to Grey's surprise.

When Ciel throws the party, Grey arrives with Georg von Siemens and he is revealed to be an earl. He participates in the festivities, and watches Sebastian carry off Georg when he gets too intoxicated. That night, a loud scream is heard from Georg's room, attracting all of the guests' attention. When Grey and the others arrive, they find Georg dead.

Sebastian later revealed that the one who killed him was indeed, Grey.

Ship Voyage ArcEdit

Younger Grey and Phipps
XRijiiAdded by XRijii
During Elizabeth Midford's flashback, a younger Grey and Phipps were watching a fencing match between two opponents. As one opponent impressively defeated the other, Phipps questions if the winner is the son of Alexis Leon Midford, the one rumored as a genius of the sword. Grey corrects that the genius, thus the winner, is not the son but rather the daughter as Elizabeth removes her protective helmet.[13] Afterwards, they both stare at her, Phipps staring curiously while Grey scowls grudgingly.[14]

Grey's entrance
One of Grey's entrances
- DarkchyldeAdded by - Darkchylde
After the Campania incident, Grey and Phipps arrive at the Phantomhive manor on Easter to deliver a message. Grey crashes through the window and Phipps walks in behind him. Grey overheard Elizabeth describing the Easter egg hunt and he dedcides he will also participate. Sebastian intrupates to add some rules to the competition and Grey realizes the rumors about Sebastian still being alive are true. [15] He is paired with Phipps for the competition. [16]

After it starts, he finds Snake outside while his partner, Finnian, is looking for eggs in the garden. Snake sends his snakes on Grey, who is scared of them and is unable to counter. Phipps shows up with a snake charming flute. He then makes Snake pass out and they break Finnian and Snake's egg, disqualifing them. [17] Soon after, they meet Ciel and Sebastian in the manor. While Ciel is standing on a ladder to reach Elizabeth's egg, set in one of the candleholders on the chandelier, Grey throws his ladle and knocks the ladder away, leaving Ciel hanging from the chandelier with the egg in one hand. Grey then attacks Sebastian and asks how he survived after he had "killed" him a month ago, but he doesn't get a solid answer. Phipps then joins the fight. Sebastian fights off the attacks, but cannot counter attack because they are nobles, and attacking them would ruin the Phantomhive reputation.

Grey and Phipps disqualified
Grey and Phipps disqualified
- DarkchyldeAdded by - Darkchylde
Sebastian tells Ciel, who is still hanging on the chandelier, to wait ten more seconds and begins starts counting down. Just when he reachs one, Grey's and Phipps' egg hatches, and Sebastian comments that a fertilised egg must have 'accidentally' gotten mixed up in the batch. As the rule was 'if, for any reason, the egg breaks, then the team is disqualified', Phipps and Grey lose, leaving the latter furious [18]. Everyone then goes outside to eat. Grey then remembers what he came for originally and gives Ciel a "love letter", apparently new orders from Queen Victoria. [19]

Public School ArcEdit

Grey, Charles Phipps and John Brown accompany Queen Victoria on the night of June 4th. Afterward, he and Phipps serve the students of Weston College and feast at the same table with the P4.[20]

Later at Buckingham Palace, Ciel Phantomhive personally reports to Queen Victoria about the events in Weston College; Grey is standing on the side along with Phipps, while Ciel mentions the idea of reviving the dead.[21]


  • (To Mey-Rin) "Wow! Double guns are so cool! But, I win at close combat."[22]
  • (To Georg von Siemens) "You blockhead Germans will overtake England, you say? Come back in another ten years."[23]


  • Charles Grey is left handed, or at least when it comes to swordplay.


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