Cinematic Record

Angelina Dalles's Cinematic Record.

A Cinematic Record is a recollection of an individual's memories, depicted like a brief movie.


End of Cinematic Record

The end of a Cinematic Record.

A Cinematic Record can be described as a document of an individual's life memories. The concept of a human is broken into two: a flesh body and a soul. When combined, the individual can exist among the living, and thus initiates their Cinematic Record. When the flesh body withers, and the Grim Reapers collect their souls, the record ends there, resulting in the living becoming the dead.[1] The "end mark" of the Cinematic Record arrives along with every death.[2]

It is possible for a Cinematic Record to be tampered with in such a way that more memories are added to it, where they should have already stopped once the person died. In that case, moving corpses are created, retaining the memories and bodies of their previous lives, yet they remain soulless.[3]



The Grim Reaper library.

In order to review an individual's life, a Grim Reaper views a person's Cinematic Record by cutting the said person with their Death Scythe. The contents of the Cinematic Record are used to determine if the person should be allowed to pass away or to continue to live. The Grim Reapers seem to make this decision by putting a stamp that says "complete" on the dying individual's file.[4]

In the anime, it remains the same but instead, it show a person's entire life in book form, and can be played like an old movie.[5] When not in use, these are stored in the form of books in the Grim Reaper Library.


  • Sebastian Michaelis, a demon, calls their use of the Cinematic Record "a terrible interest" and the worst sort of spying activity.[7]
  • It seems that even demons have Cinematic Records, as when Grell Sutcliff slashed Sebastian's chest, his Cinematic Record was shown. [8]


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