Countess Trancy, a character introduced in the anime-exclusive, not canonical Kuroshitsuji II, is the late wife of the Former Head Trancy.

Character Outline

Countess Trancy has a pale complexion with short fringes on her forehead, blonde hair arranged in waves, and light blue eyes. She wore red lipstick, a teal blue dress, and a velvet crimson choker, which was decorated with a gold medallion. Her personality is nondescript, but she grew despondent when her beloved only child, Alois Trancy, was lost in a kidnapping.[1]


Countess Trancy and the Former Head Trancy ventured for a child, but was unable to have one until much later, which she treated as a blessing from God. However, one day, she discovered his crib to be empty. Following the revelation that her baby son had been kidnapped, she plunged into a deep depression and committed suicide, leaving her husband to search for him alone.[1]


  • Jim Macken is not her real son, but he subsequently assumed the identity of Alois Trancy.[1]


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