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There have been two drama CDs released under the Kuroshitsuji name.

First Drama CD

Drama cd 1

The cover of the first drama CD.


  • Title: Kuroshitsuji Drama CD (ドラマCD 黒執事, Dorama CD Kuroshitsuji)
  • Release date: August 10, 2007
  • Released in: Japan
  • Label/Distributor: Geneon Entertainment
  • Cover characters: Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive


The first drama CD follows the manga storyline outlined in Volume 1.


  • 1. That Butler's First Story, Talented (第1話 その執事、有能, Dai 1 Hanaso no Shitsuji, Yūnō)
  • 2. That Butler's Second Story, Omnipotent (第2話 その執事、万能, Dai 2 Hanaso no Shitsuji, Bannō)
  • 3. That Butler's Third Story Story, Strongest (第3話 その執事、最強, Dai 3 Hanaso no Shitsuji, Saikyō)
  • 4. That Butler's First Story, The Greatest Evil (第4話 その執事、最凶, Dai 4 Hanaso no Shitsuji, Sai Kyō)


Second Drama CD

Drama cd 2

The cover of the second drama CD.



The second drama CD follows the manga through the Jack the Ripper storyline.


  • 1. Black Butler Drama (黒執事ドラマ, Kuro Shitsuji Dorama)
  • 2. Sebastian's Butler Voice (セバスチャン 執事ボイス, Sebasuchan Shitsuji Boisu)
  • 3. Grell's Butler Voice (グレル 執事ボイス, Gureru Shitsuji Boisu)



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