Funtom Corporation Logo

The logo for Funtom Corporation.

Funtom Corporation is an immensely popular[1] confectionery and toy company owned by Ciel Phantomhive.


Funtom Corporation is a prosperous enterprise, strongly supported by the wealthy and bourgeoisie.[2] When Funtom Corporation was first brought attention to, its reputation swiftly grew, and it became greatly distinguished in a little under three years. Sister Funtom Companies have been established.[3]

Funtom Corporation specializes in original novelties reportedly unseen before by other classes.[2] Its products, ranging from candies to toys, are especially enrapturing to children.[4] Harold West Jeb had dubbed it "the candy king."[5]

Funtom Corporation has opened up a food branch, after winning a Royal Warrant at the Curry Fair.[6]

Known Products

Funtom Product

Funtom chocolate.

  • Bitter Rabbit[7]
  • Noah's Ark[8]
  • Lily of the Valley Perfume[10]


  • Also according to the official Kuroshitsuji character popularity poll, Funtom's rabbit is the fifty-fifth most popular character in the series, with two votes. It shares this spot with Alan Humphries, the Prince Albert puppet, Ludger, Arthur Randall and Chlaus, who also received two votes.[11]
  • The name "Funtom" is a pun of "Phantom" from Phantomhive.


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