Ghost powers
Kanji 幽霊
Romaji Yūrei
Additional Information
Primary Power Possession of other beings
Notable Members King Edward

A Ghost (幽霊, Yūrei) is a supernatural being that embodies the spirit of the human, previously deceased. However, they are unable to move on from the earth.


Ghosts are usually the spirit or soul of a person attached to the world in due of a variety of human emotions. In particular, they remain around items and places they were familiar with as humans. They are able to interact with objects and people like a human, and can speak with members of other races.

If they are able to find a cathartic release from the emotions and memories attaching them to Earth, they are able to move on to heaven, presumably. This occurs when the ghost begins to shimmer lightly, and gradually, fades away.[1]


Ghosts have been shown to have a few abilities, including:

  • Enhanced speed and power: When angry or distressed, Edward has been shown to glow a dark blue and has an enhanced speed and attack power, which is fearsome enough to frighten most humans. However, the demon Sebastian Michaelis is shown to be much faster than even this enhanced version.
  • Fading: Edward has demonstrated an ability to appear and disappear at will.
  • Fire manipulation: By using the skulls of his dead ancestors, Edward is able to light candles throughout the castle.
  • Object manipulation: Although not shown precisely how, Edward is able to manipulate the shape and form of some objects, as shown through his manipulation of chess pieces during his game with Ciel.[1]
  • Possession: Ghosts are able to briefly possess other beings for periods of time. Thus far, only the possession of a human has been shown, and it is not clear if ghosts can possess members of other races.[2]

Known Ghosts:


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