Island of Death

Island of Death

Island of Death is a sanctuary for demons.[1] The concept is introduced exclusively in Kuroshitsuji II.


Cave Within the Island of Death


The tract of land is surrounded by a vast body of water. The island itself bears several lofty mountains. It is riddled with gaunt trees, and jagged cracks are visible along the ground. The entire expanse is murky and obscure with mist.

Additionally, there is a cavern. Situated underground, it is a large chamber whose rough terrain consists chiefly of rocks. Clusters of jade crystals illuminate the cave with a green glow.


The Island of Death is a sacred place reserved for demons. It is also the designated area to commence a formal duel between individuals of the said species.[1]


As stated by Claude Faustus, Sebastian Michaelis has devastated the island out of rage.[1]


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