The Kuroshitsuji 2 Original Soundtrack is a compilation of music that appears in the second season. It was
Ks2 soundtrack
composed by Taku Iwasaki.

Track List

  1. Cena d'amore by Kawase Taiki (川瀬太基)
  2. Thread of Desire (欲望の糸, Yokubou no Ito)
  3. The Butler Of Trancy's
  4. Critical Phase
  5. A Spider's Thread
  6. Little Lady 2
  7. Give Me the Best Laugh (極上の笑いを, Gokujou no Warai wo)
  8. As a Servant (使用人たるもの, Shiyounin taru mono)
  9. Peculiar Fellows
  10. A Watchdog's Investigation
  11. Tornado nero by Kasahara Yuri (笠原由里)
  12. Fragile Mind
  13. Critical Full-Course (危機的フルコース, Kikiteki furukosu)
  14. Bloody Vow
  15. Cruelly Eyes
  16. The Queen's Spider (女王の蜘蛛, Joou no Kumo)
  17. Triplets Devil
  18. Black Butlers
  19. Armonica
  20. A Sheath for a Demon Sword (悪魔の剣を納める鞘, Akuma no Tsurugi wo Osameru Zaya)
  21. The Slightly Chipped Full Moon by Yucca
  22. SHIVER (TV size) by the GazettE
  23. Kagayaku Sora no Shijima ni wa (輝く空の静寂には, In the Silence of the Shining Sky) (TV size) by Kalafina
  24. Bird (TV size) by Matsushita Yuya

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