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Welcome to Kuroshitsuji Wiki, the organized encyclopedia devoted to Kuroshitsuji (黒執事, Black Butler), a popular series created by Yana Toboso. With 80,029 edits to 542 articles since February 2009, you can help us by contributing!


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WARNING: This wiki contains a plethora of spoilers related to the Kuroshitsuji series, including information from chapters not yet released in tankōbon format. Read at your own risk.

Phantomhive Times
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Featured Article of the Month
RankandFile Shinigami
A Grim Reaper is a neutral supernatural being that is primarily responsible for reviewing and collecting souls in the Kuroshitsuji universe.

A Grim Reaper is a former human, whom after committing suicide, is compelled to continuously observe other peoples' deaths until the day they are forgiven. Their principal job is to check each dying soul's memories, known as a cinematic record, and pass judgement on whether they deserve to die or not. Their main weapon source is a Death Scythe, which is additionally used during the soul-collection process. Grim Reapers are assorted into different departments depending on their specific duty. Most importantly, they are strictly forbidden from meddling with human affairs.

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Main article: Grim Reaper
Featured Quote of the Month

Ch100 Finnian lands

Quotation1 A long time ago, blond hair was called 'finn.' The protagonist of this tale was also named that way because of his beautiful blond hair. He ran through the forest faster than a hare. He was stronger than a deer. Resembles you, don't you think? That's why 'Finnian' is the name I want to give you. Quotation2
Ciel Phantomhive to Finnian

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Maiden box 1

Most Recent Chapter
Chapter 107.5

The bonus chapter celebrates the Kuroshitsuji official popularity poll, gives special emphasis to the "Demon Six"—which consists of Grey, Vincent, Grell, Undertaker, Ciel, and Sebastian—and has numerous characters vying to enhance their own abilities by "stealing" the ranks of other characters.

Most Recent Episode
Book of Circus: Final Episode

William and Ronald collect the souls of the deceased at Kelvin's manor. With the case solved, Ciel attempts to take care of the aftermath, and seeks out the workhouse the first-stringers, minus Snake, grew up in, only to find it in ruins. Ciel and Sebastian then contemplate the depravity of human nature.

Kuroshitsuji Wiki Poll
The Emerald Witch Arc has concluded! What are your overall thoughts on the arc?

The poll was created at 02:07 on August 3, 2015, and so far 150 people voted.
Have you seen the Book of Murder two-part OVA yet?

The poll was created at 08:39 on August 3, 2015, and so far 173 people voted.
 Results of previous polls:
Total votes: 1883

How excited are you for the two-part OVA, Book of Murder?

  1. The Phantomhive Manors Murder Arc was my favorite, so of course I'm super excited! = 665 Votes (35.32% of all votes)
  2. This is, indeed, very awesome! = 359 Votes (19.07% of all votes)
  3. Why couldn't it have been a season instead of an OVA? I'm slightly disappointed, but I'm still going to watch it. = 610 Votes (32.4% of all votes)
  4. I am neutral/have not really formed an opinion of it. = 36 Votes (1.91% of all votes)
  5. Meh, I'm more interested in seeing the Ship Voyage Arc get animated. = 188 Votes (9.98% of all votes)
  6. Nah, I'm not excited. = 25 Votes (1.33% of all votes)
Total votes: 1422

What do you think of Book of Circus thus far?

  1. A-W-E-S-O-M-E. Best. Season. Ever. It completely blew my mind, and surpassed all of my expectations! = 945 Votes (66.46% of all votes)
  2. It's astounding! It quickly became part of my weekly ritual to watch it. = 294 Votes (20.68% of all votes)
  3. I am really fond of it, but I enjoyed Season 1/Season 2 more. = 110 Votes (7.74% of all votes)
  4. Not bad, I like it, but some parts may be uninteresting/are not to my taste. = 14 Votes (0.98% of all votes)
  5. I am neutral/have not really formed an opinion of it. = 17 Votes (1.2% of all votes)
  6. I somehow envisioned it better with the manga. = 25 Votes (1.76% of all votes)
  7. Meh, I just want it to be over. = 6 Votes (0.42% of all votes)
  8. It's bland and unappealing. Frankly, I dislike it. = 11 Votes (0.77% of all votes)

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