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Welcome to Kuroshitsuji Wiki, the organized encyclopedia devoted to Kuroshitsuji (黒執事, Black Butler), a popular series created by Yana Toboso. With 76,531 edits to 527 articles since February 2009, you can help us by contributing!


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WARNING: This wiki contains a plethora of spoilers related to the Kuroshitsuji series, including information from chapters not yet released in tankōbon format. Read at your own risk.

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Joker anime
Joker is a first-string member and surrogate leader of the Noah's Ark Circus.

Joker, being the surrogate leader of the circus troupe, is tasked with managing the shows and performing as the pierrot. Possessing a generally cheerful and easy-going demeanor, he constantly looks out and deeply cares for his fellow circus members. Despite this, he places greater importance on pleasing his benefactor Baron Kelvin, who rescued him and the other first-string members from the impoverished streets of the East End. He is later apprehended by Ciel Phantomhive for the kidnapping of various children and is killed by Sebastian Michaelis at Kelvin's manor.

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Main article: Joker
Featured Quote of the Month

Ciel Ch 95

September 2014
Quotation1 I am not so noble that I would stake my life for someone else. Nor am I so forgiving that I would sit by and allow someone to trample me. I am a selfish . . . and self-righteous human being! That's why! I . . . to clear my own shame . . . I used your power. Not for anyone else! But for myself! Quotation2
Ciel Phantomhive to Sebastian Michaelis

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Alois box

Most Recent Chapter
Chapter 102

Ciel and Sebastian strive to defeat the formidable Panzer.

Most Recent Episode
Book of Circus: Final Episode

William and Ronald collect the souls of the deceased at Kelvin's manor. With the case solved, Ciel attempts to take care of the aftermath, and seeks out the workhouse the first-stringers, minus Snake, grew up in, only to find it in ruins. Ciel and Sebastian then contemplate the depravity of human nature.

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How excited are you for the two-part OVA, Book of Murder?

The poll was created at 02:21 on August 10, 2014, and so far 1425 people voted.
What do you think of Book of Circus thus far?

The poll was created at 23:55 on August 11, 2014, and so far 1072 people voted.
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Total votes: 694

Manga Poll: What do you think of the Witch Forest Arc thus far?

  1. It's incredibly awesome! It's my favorite arc! = 44 Votes (6.34% of all votes)
  2. I am really fond of it; it ranks rather high in my list of favorite arcs. = 303 Votes (43.66% of all votes)
  3. Not bad, I like it, but some parts may be uninteresting/are not to my taste. = 191 Votes (27.52% of all votes)
  4. I am neutral/have not really formed an opinion of it. = 68 Votes (9.8% of all votes)
  5. Meh, I just want it to be over. = 16 Votes (2.31% of all votes)
  6. Words cannot possibly express my hatred for this arc. = 16 Votes (2.31% of all votes)
  7. The Public School Arc was better. = 56 Votes (8.07% of all votes)
Total votes: 775

Anime Poll: A new anime series for Kuroshitsuji has been green-lit! What is your personal preference/opinion regarding what the anime should be about?

  1. A reboot of the entire series, where it actually follows the manga storyline = 567 Votes (73.16% of all votes)
  2. Season 3 (continue with where Season 2 left off) = 208 Votes (26.84% of all votes)

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