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Welcome to the Phantomhive Times, Kuroshitsuji Wiki’s news machine. Here, we report updates for this Wiki and the Kuroshitsuji series. Anyone can start a report, but make sure to include these necessary components: a verifiable source (if it is about the Kuroshitsuji series), the date, and your signature (~~~~).

Reports should be structured in a chronological manner, with the most recent posts on top. Remember, only news related to the Wiki and to the Kuroshitsuji series are allowed. Let's work together as a community to maintain the newsletter! If you find that our reports are either incorrect or incomplete, feel free to edit them as you feel fit. Just be sure to include (''Edited by'') along with those same ~~~ below the original reporter's name.

After reporting the news here, please place a mention of it along with a direct link to that section on this page: Kuroshitsuji Wiki:Phantomhive Times/News Box, so that it will appear on the Main Page. To save space, please limit news entries on the News Box to a reasonable amount.

March 2017

March 18: Chapter 126 & Discussion

The summary for Chapter 126 can be read here.----Reporter: Doggy

Discuss it here! ----Reporter: Lau

February 2017

February 21: Chapter 125 Summary & Discussion

The summary for Chapter 125 can be read here.----Reporter: Doggy

Discuss it here! ----Reporter: Lau

February 12: Best of 2016 Awards Nominees

The nominees for the Best of 2016 Awards are out! This year, our categories are: Best Chapter Cover (NEW), Best Chapter, Best Plot Twist/Revelation, Best Comedic Scene, Best Dramatic Scene, Best Quote, and Best Character. 🏆 Please cast your votes here!!! 🏆  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  00:32,2/13/2017 

January 2017

January 28: New Administrator!!!

We have a new administrator!!! Find out who that person is here!!! ----Reporter: Lau

January 18: Chapter 124 Summary & Discussion

The summary for Chapter 124 can be read here.----Reporter: Doggy

Discuss it here! ----Reporter: Lau

January 1: Happy New Year!!!


----Reporter: Lau


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