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December 2013Edit

December 31: Best of 2013 Results!Edit

The finale of the Best of 2013 Awards is here at last! See the winners here! Perhaps what you have voted for has received the grand prize!
 Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  23:42,12/31/2013 

December 23: Chapter 88Edit

Read the summary for Chapter 88 here and share your thoughts on it here!
 Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  00:50,12/24/2013 

December 18: Best Character, Featured Article & Featured Quote of 2013Edit

Best of 2013 Awards update: That's right! All categories have gotten their individual pages set up. Check 'em out: Best Character, Best Featured Article & Best Featured Quote! Hurry and cast your votes! Only about two weeks left in December until the big 2014!  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  04:39,12/19/2013 

December 17: Best Scene of 2013Edit

Best of 2013 Awards update: Vote for the Best Scene (in the manga) of the year! Feel free to add to the list of options, as long as your suggestions are reasonable and properly referenced. Vote, vote, vote!
 Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  05:44,12/18/2013 

December 12: Best Revelation of 2013Edit

It's time for the Best of 2013 Awards to get started! Select what you think has been the Best Revelation (in the manga) of the year! Feel free to add to the list of options, as long as your suggestions are reasonable and properly referenced. Vote, vote, vote!  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  07:06,12/13/2013 

December 12: Featured Article & QuoteEdit

Read on, read on! Featured Article & Quote have been updated for the festive month of December!  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  06:19,12/13/2013 

December 10: Twitter!!Edit

Attention: Kuroshitsuji Wiki now has a Twitter account, where we will keep you updated with the latest news about this Wiki and the series itself!! Search for us on Twitter and be sure to follow: @BlackButlerWiki

Big cheers to Lau for creating the account!! Michee(Message!!) 08:24,12/10/2013 

December: Best of 2013Edit

This month preceding the new year will be a festive one! Introducing the Best of 2013 Awards! Here is the gist of it: there are several categories, and we will cast our vote accordingly for each one so that we can promote whatever that we think is the best thing of this year! (Choices may only pertain to the Kuroshitsuji series or Kuroshitsuji Wiki itself.) Hurry and throw in your two cents!  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  01:13,12/8/2013 

December 7: Kuroshitsuji Live-Action Movie & Poll UpdateEdit

We have the Kuroshitsuji Live Action film coming out very soon! It's scheduled for release on January 18, 2014! Are you excited or aren't you? Vote on your opinion on the home page's poll!  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  23:56,12/7/2013 

November 2013Edit

November 17: New ChapterEdit

Chapter 87 of the Kuroshitsuji manga is released. Discuss it here!  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  23:39,12/7/2013 

August 2013Edit

August 18: No More BlogsEdit

We are no longer using blog posts. Discussions shall be held, exclusively, in the more efficient forums.  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  23:39,12/7/2013 

June 2013Edit

June 25: Another Sovereign!Edit

A new family member has just joined C. Phantom and Serene! This wiki has a new administrator: it is none other than Tsuminohime! We congratulate her wholeheartedly.  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  23:39,12/7/2013 

April 2013Edit

April 20: It's Grim ReaperEdit

As per this discussion, the decision has been made that we will use the term Grim Reaper, as opposed to Shinigami.  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  23:39,12/7/2013