Hannah's Demon Blade


The Lævateinn is a cursed, ancient sword, rumored to be "cloaked in eternal darkness." Hannah Annafellows harbors the sword within her body.[1]


The Lævateinn takes on the appearance of a bladed weapon. The primary color it bears is teal-blue; the sword also possesses a marginal yellow, which borders its edges.

The sword's general form is aberrant to that of a regular sword, for stemming from its hilt, the blade branches off and outwards, its supplementary parts winding around one another until they reach the vertex.


Hannah's Demon Blade is Removed

Lævateinn is removed from Hannah Annafellows's body.

The Lævateinn is a demon blade that can fatally wound a demon.[2] The soul pierced by the sword will come to a complete end.[2] It is fundamentally used when demons engage in a battle to the death, and its purpose is to deliver the final blow. During an incident on the Island of Death, it is removed from Hannah Annafellows's body, and subsequently cast aside while the land surrounding the island collapses into the fissures.[2]

The Lævateinn can be extracted from its vessel, Hannah Annafellows, through oral procedures. An individual must plunge his hand through her mouth, grip the hilt, and draw toward oneself the sword. When freshly separated with the body, it would be covered in saliva, which often induces disgust from the speculators observing the extraction.[1]



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