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Luka Macken

Luka Macken (ルカ・マッケン, Ruka Macken) is the younger brother of Jim Macken.


Luka is a small, young boy with large dark-grey eyes and messy rust-red hair. He dresses in plain clothing which consists of a grey long-sleeved shirt and a pair of dark trousers with suspenders and brown shoes.


Luka is a cheerful and passionate boy whose only wish is for the happiness of his older brother, Jim Macken. He completely adores and depends on Jim. In pursuit of his older brother's happiness, he willingly sacrifices his soul for consumption to Hannah Annafellows.[1] Luka is also very kindhearted as he does not endanger the people he is grateful to, as shown when he promises to spare a female villager's life. When done a favor, he is sincere in thanking them.[1]


When Luka was very young his parents died. He and his brother Jim Macken were ostracized from their village. They were promptly forced to steal from the villagers in order to survive. Such actions added more hatred from the villagers, and Luka felt some guilt after stealing from an elderly man who had lung problems. When Jim discovered a bruise on Luka's forehead, he threw the jar of medicine, breaking it in anger. Jim wanted those who intentionally harmed them to die, and Luka embraced him and wished for his brother's desire to come true. Luka claimed it will happen; he explained that since his brother was terrific he would, thus, be granted a lot of wishes. Jim then commanded his brother to stay with him, and Luka knelt down on one knee and responded, "Yes, Your Highness."[1]

At an unspecified time, Luka met up with Hannah Annafellows in order to form a Faustian contract to eradicate the village. Later, he was abused by two young boys until a female villager interfered and helped him. Luka thanked her and promised that she will be spared when the village gets annihilated. When she asked what he meant, he revealed that he had made a contract with a demon, who will destroy everything in exchange for his soul.[2]

Luka dies Kuro II 11

Luka, dead.

One night while they were collecting water from a local canal, Luka and Jim found carcasses floating in the water. They soon discovered that the village was up in flames. Upon their arrival, they realized that the villagers who bullied and abused them were dead. They rejoiced and split up to steal the deceased residents' valuables.[1] Luka, isolated from his brother, willingly offered his soul to Hannah, and he thanked her for granting his wish.[3]


  • (To Jim Macken) "I know it will! Yeah! You're terrific, so you'll get a terrific lot of wishes!"[1]


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