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Quotation1 I am he who sniffs out those who violate the commandments of the British Underworld and disposes of them. The Watchdog of the Queen. Quotation2
Ciel Phantomhive in Chapter 49
Quotation1 By all rights, they function as the royal 'shadow' — a 'phantom,' which should never have come into being. Quotation2
Arthur Randall in Chapter 15
Phantomhive Family Crest

The Phantomhive Family Crest.

Phantomhive is the name of an infamous family and agency. Phantomhive is associated with nobility, and the head of the household has the rightful position as an earl. The current head is Ciel Phantomhive.[1]

The Phantomhive earldom heads up a strictly confidential agency known as "Phantomhive" under the direct control of Queen Victoria through the generations. The earls themselves are often called the "Queen's Watchdogs" or the "Aristocrats of Evil."[2]


The rogue organization known as Phantomhive covers up any number of criminal acts carried out by the royals, conceals all of the Royal Family's wrongdoings, and eliminates any and all who may seek to harm the Royal Family as well as every thread linking to the Royal Family's involvement, no matter how dirty the method.[3] Fred Abberline describes Phantomhive as the opposite of Scotland Yard in that it uses the powers of "evil" to carry out Queen Victoria's orders.[4]

The Phantomhive earldom maintains the division between the "polite society" and the "underworld" of Great Britain. It employs its "monstrous authority" to rule over and police the country's underworld. It makes sure that the underbelly of the East End, and criminals and blackguards of other nations who congregate therein do not disrupt the polite society.[5] An interference with the polite society usually prompts the Queen to rely on the Phantomhive earldom to annihilate it, as clearly depicted when the Queen ordered Ciel Phantomhive to investigate and solve a number of cases.[3]

Since Phantomhive is a secret committee that carries out special duties, the funds for its activities and its rewards cannot be included in the nation's budget. Thus, the Scotland Yard members personally deliver the bribe money to the existing head of the Phantomhive family.[6]

The Phantomhive house has an underworld intelligence network that operates from Europe to Asia, known as the Aristocrats of Evil.[7]

Base of Operations

The Phantomhive earldom's primary base of operations is the Phantomhive Manor. However, when carrying out missions, the Phantomhive head can temporarily relocate to his townhouse in London for convenience and to facilitate his task.

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Identified Members of the Phantomhive Family

Phantomhive Household

Ch95 Phantomhive Servants

The Phantomhive servants. From left to right: Sebastian Michaelis, Finnian, Baldroy, Mey-Rin, Snake, and Tanaka.

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