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Phantomhive Family Crest
The Phantomhive Family Crest
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Phantomhive is the name of an infamous family that is directly controlled by Queen Victoria. It is a secret and strictly confidential executive agency of England. Often called the "Queen's Watchdogs" or the "Evil Noblemen," they have served the Royal Family for generations.[1]

Phantomhive is associated with nobility, and the head of the household has the rightful position as an earl. The current Earl is Ciel Phantomhive.[2]


As said by Arthur Randall, the Phantomhive's task is neither blithe nor easy and explains that every country has a surface world but there is always an underworld as well; Great Britain is no exception. The Phantomhive is a dark agency that conceals all of the Royal Family's wrongdoings and eliminates every thread linking to the Royal Family's involvement, no matter how dirty the method.[3]

The Phantomhive family has the power to control and manage everything in the underworld of Britain and maintains the division between the underworld and surface world. An interference with the regular society usually opts the Queen to rely on the Phantomhives to annihilate it as shown when the Queen orders Ciel Phantomhive to get rid of Jack the Ripper, solve the case of Anglo-Indians being harassed, recover the missing children, and discover the reason behind the illegal human experimentation.[3]

In general, the Phantomhives are a secret committee that carries out special duties. Because of that, the funds for their activities and their rewards cannot be included in the nation budget. Thus, the Scotland Yard members come personally to deliver the genuine bribe money to the Phantomhives.[4]

Phantomhive ManorEdit

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Identified Members of the Phantomhive FamilyEdit

Phantomhive HouseholdEdit


  • Randall refers to the name "Phantomhive," noting that a "phantom" is something a Royal Family normally should not have.[3]
  • Fred Abberline sums up the Phantomhives, saying that in other words, they are the opposite of the police as they use evil powers to carry out the wishes of the Queen.[6]


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