The priest, a character introduced in the anime-exclusive Kuroshitsuji II, has accompanied Arnold Trancy and Aleistor Chamber to visit Alois Trancy, in search for evidence that he is the legitimate son of the Former Head Trancy.[1]


The priest is lean man with purple eyes. He possesses short brown hair, with a distinct widow's peak. The priest dresses generally in clerical clothing, and wears a button-up black cassock.


The priest is a religious man, as indicated by his occupation. He is renowned for being perspicacious, and Arnold Trancy claims that he has "eyes that can see the truth."[1]

However, his great sympathy for others seems to mar his judgment, as he wholesomely trusts that Alois Trancy is the legitimate son of the Former Head Trancy, to the extent that he wishes to assist him, after hearing a tragic story from him.[1]


Trancy Arc

Note: Events occurring in this arc only pertain to the second season of the anime and do not constitute canon material.

The priest accompanies Arnold Trancy and Aleistor Chamber in a carriage; their destination is the Trancy Manor. Arnold explains his suspicions about Alois Trancy, and the priest discerns that, as of yet, there is no evidence that Alois is the legitimate son.[1]

Later, they encounter Alois, and the priest is convinced that because Alois has refused to changed how the mansion is arranged since his father's death, it shows that Alois loves his father.[1]

At dinner time, Alois discloses his history to them and how he has resided in a certain village when he was kidnapped. He tells them of the destruction of the village and how his close friend there, whom he saw as a brother, was killed as well. The priest then sincerely gives his sympathy. Aleistor is, too, afflicted by the story and grabs onto the priest's neck vigorously.[1]

Soon after, the priest prays for Alois, claiming that he will help him in any way he can, as Alois is one of "God's beloved children." Afterward, he departs with Aleistor in a carriage.[1]


  • (To Alois Trancy) "Despair is a sin. You are one of God's beloved children. I'll help you in any way I can."[1]


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