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Ronald Knox
Ronald Knox



Ronarudo Nokkusu


Grim Reaper




175 cm (5'9")[citation needed]

Professional Status

Grim Reaper Dispatch
Retrieval Division

Base of Operations


Personal Status


First Appearance
Manga Debut

Volume 8, Chapter 35

Anime Debut

Episode 9 of Season 2

Japanese Voice


English Voice

Joel McDonald

Ronald Knox (ロナルド・ノックス, Ronarudo Nokkusu) is a Grim Reaper. He is part of the Retrieval Division of the Grim Reaper Dispatch.


Ronald is a young man with yellow-green eyes and short blond hair that is dyed black in the bottom half of his hair. He styles his hair in a wavy fashion, bringing a cowlick to the top right.

Ronald wears thick-framed, pentagonal-shaped glasses and a watch on his right wrist. He dresses in the customary formal fashion, sporting a suit, tie, gloves, dress shoes, and occasionally a hat.

Ronald's death scythe

Ronald's Death Scythe.

Ronald's Death Scythe has been modified to resemble a lawnmower, which he states was done on the principle of avoiding overtime work.[1] On the front, a stamp reading "Death Scythe" has been embedded. The Death Scythe contains four circular blades, and running horizontally below them are two straight blades. It has two wheels that allow him to maneuver it, and a small cord that allows him to pull a trigger on the handle to start the Death Scythe.


Ronald is a rather laid back, easy-going Grim Reaper, who apparently has problems with arriving on time.[2] He often seeks to accomplish his duties as swiftly as possible, as shown when he says he has never been one for overtime, and when he expresses his envy toward William T. Spears and Grell Sutcliff, claiming that they have  "easier" jobs to complete.[3] Despite his lackadaisical attitude, Ronald is willing to work hard, having previously declared that he will work to his best potential.[4]

Moreover, Ronald is interested in partying, having once shared with William that he would like to finish a job quickly because he has a party to attend to afterward. [5] He also comes across as a ladies man, commenting that he has received his Death Scythe legally modified by flirting with the receptionist,[6] and he has offered to treat Mey-Rin to a drink upon their first encounter.[7]


Circus Arc

Ronald and William Collect Souls

After Joker's soul is collected, Ronald and William go to collect the rest.

Ronald is obliged to assist William T. Spears in collecting the souls of the individuals killed in Baron Kelvin's manor. He shows up late, and states that Grell Sutcliff's mission lies with the Phantomhive Manor; he adds that Grell's job is much easier. Ronald opts to finish the investigation work quickly, as he has a party with the secretarial section to attend to later, as well as a distaste for overtime. When William questions his Death Scythe, Ronald assures him that he has it properly authorized for use, because he is friends with a girl at the General Affairs Department. They then set out to collect the souls.[8]

Ship Voyage Arc

On April 17, 1889, at the port where the luxury ship Campania is, Ronald places a hand on Mey-Rin's shoulder, asking her where the second-class entrance to the ship is. She points the way, and he thanks her. When he offers to treat her to some tea in the lounge later, she reveals to him that she is merely there to see someone off. An officer announces that they will pull up the bridge soon, prompting Ronald to shout that he will be boarding. He tells Mey-Rin that he will invite her again if he makes it back safely, and hastens on board, for he is worried that he will be punished if he is late. To his relief, he manages to get on the ship in time for it to set sail and remarks that the future is bright.[9]


Ronald appears on the ship.

Three days later,[10], Ronald is at the third-class dining hall, where he drinks and socializes with the other passengers. When Ronald comments that they must have refined brand-name champagne if they are drinking with their ladies, Sophie Smith, impressed, states that she is jealous of his girlfriend. He admits that he does not have one to a surprised Sophie. After checking his watch and determining that he still has time, he says that even though he does not have a girlfriend, he has a lot of time. Subsequently, they all toast to their free time.[11]

Later, Ronald checks his watch again, stands up, and wears on his coat, while informing the other passengers that he has some things to do. When Sophie tells him to meet her there tomorrow, Ronald agrees to the plan, but adds that it will only be so if they meet alive, to her confusion.[12]

Ronald rushes toward the meeting room of Aurora Society.[13] After the revival happens, he appears when Ciel and Sebastian attack the reanimated woman, Margaret Connor, whom was the subject the complete salvation was being experimented on.[14] He "smashes in" its head with his Death Scythe while explaining that that was the only way to destroy it.[15] He and Sebastian get into a fight, while Ciel abandons them to run after Rian Stoker.[16] After a while, Ronald leaves their battle unfinished, saying he can't dawdle any longer because of having a task to complete.[17]

Later, Ronald is seen on the deck of the ship, witnessing the Campania about to crash into an iceberg and he foreshadows that many are about to die, complaining how there are only two Grim Reapers assigned to collect all the souls. When the ship crashes, the other Grim Reaper is revealed to be Grell Sutcliff.[18]

Ronald is eventually seen holding Grell at his waist as the latter enjoys the salty breeze, standing on the ship's deck. As Grell fantasizes about the beauty of that certain man, Ronald grudgingly asks if he's trying to torment his subordinate. Grell counters that he's rude and would rather be with Sebastian. Ronald soon opens his book, reading of names that died of heart failure, informing they have 1034 more souls to collect. When he complains about it, Grell reprimands that soul reaping is a Grim Reaper's most important job and they both enter the ship.[19]

In the first class suite, the two Grim Reapers slaughter more beings and Ronald whines that the number of them is interminable which Grell agrees, adding it's a waste of their time. Ronald supports that statement, claiming the ship will sink within the hour.[20]

Consequently, in the first class hallway, Grell and Ronald are shown finished with the room. Ronald informs that the next location would be the third boiler room, which is five floors down of where they are. Grell complains that five floors are annoying and that they should hurry for it's almost time.

As they walk, Ronald ponders over how the corpses move, in which Grell retorts that no one knows which is why they're investigating. As they quarrel over how Ronald hints that Grell's old, the bizarre doll with the carriage barges in. Ronald says that it's impossible. The other Grim Reaper answers that a lot of 'impossible' things are happening here. Grell, with their death scythe, slices the bizarre doll and carriage in half.[21]

Later, Ronald and Grell arrive at where Ciel, Sebastian, and Elizabeth Midford are, plummeting down from the ceiling.
Going down

Grell and Ronald coming through the roof

Grell is delighted to reunite with Sebastian and Ronald reminds him to not forget about the souls. Grell says that Ronald should have informed him that Sebastian was in the same ship and they argue about it. Sebastian soon gets into a fight with them both.[22]

Soon after, Grell overhears Ciel ordering Sebastian to stop fighting with the Grim Reapers since Rian Stoker holds crucial information about the bizarre dolls. Grell realizes that Rian is the clue to the walking corpses and Ronald shows Rian in his Grim Reaper book. Grell then notes that they must make haste and the Grim Reapers depart through the ceiling, where they came from.[23]

Afterwards, Rian is shown alone and he falls from a height since the ship is tilted due to the water penetration the iceberg caused. Grell catches and rescues him with Ronald alongside the Grim Reaper.[24] Grell asks the man he rescued if he is Rian Stoker. Rian then counters how Grell knows his name. Ronald intervenes, saying the routine talk is unnecessary, and addresses Rian as the guy that's moving the corpses around with some trick. Rian is speechlessly surprised that they know of this information. Ronald smirks to Grell that irregulars are exasperating and that in this world, 'death' is a rule that no one should overturn. Grell inquires how to stop the corpses to Rian and the latter hastily tells him that there's a device in his room that can render the complete salvation ineffective again.

Rian leads them to his first class room only to notice his device has been stolen.[25]

Ronald, Grell, and Rian discover where the Aleistor Chamber, Ciel, Sebastian, and the Undertaker are. Aleistor announces that he would be using the device he stolen to create a new empire, the Aurora Empire. Ronald notes that it sounds complex and Grell zealously volunteers to 'paint him red'. The Viscount, however, threatens to pour his wine over the device and Ronald quickly stops Grell from killing him.[26]

The bizarre dolls attack and they all had to battle against the extravagant amount of them. Aleistor says he's just watching from above whilst enjoying his wine, similar to the Emperor Nero. Ronald overhears him and gets irritated, prompting to kill him and Grell snaps that it was Ronald who stopped them earlier from killing the Viscount. Grell curtly yells at Aleistor to make the device work and the latter agrees that it's time for his empire to be official. He invites everyone to show him the dance of the phoenix to pledge their loyalty to the emperor, i.e., himself. Ciel, Sebastian, Grell, and Ronald all darkly agree to kill the Viscount.[27]

After reciting the Aleistor's version of the Aurora Society's greeting, the Viscount decides to activate the device only to find out it doesn't work. He admits he never built the device and Rian yells that Aleistor has fooled him. Grell demeans them as an useless farce and kills several bizarre dolls, impressing Ronald. Grell continues forward to the Viscount, in an intention to murder him. Ronald quickly yells that they're not allowed to kill humans.[28]

Grell attempts to kill Aleistor only for the Undertaker to block and counter their attack with his sotoba.[29] Ronald then points out Undertaker's Grim Reaper eyes.[30] After he explains how the bizarre dolls work, Ronald and Grell decide to apprehend him for breaking the rules. He points out that Grell should not be one to talk about following rules.[31] They attack Undertaker, but he’s kicked away by Sebastian. They decide to have a three-way fight and he says that he won’t let any "old geezer" beat him in a fight.
Grell and Ronald injured

Ronald and Grell injured by Undertaker's Death Scythe

The three go to attack Undertaker.[32] Ronald stops Sebastian, who throws some knives over his head at Undertaker. He then attacks Undertaker, who jumps on his shoulders, knocks his glasses away, then kicks him.[33] Grell catches his glasses and throws them back, but then Sebastian knocks them away again with his knives. After he gets them back, he and Grell note that the ship is tilting heavily and decide to attack Undertaker head on. They are blocked and sliced by him. He then reveals his Death Scythe.[34]

After that, the ship begins sinking and tilting heavily, causing everything to be turned on its side. Grell starts fighting Undertaker and Ronald begins fighting Sebastian. After Ronald calls him weak, Sebastian begins fighting well and easily beats him. He then throws Ronald into Grell with his Death Scythe[35]

Undertaker escapes from the Campania. After that, an unconscious Ronald is saved by William. He also saves Grell and throws them on Ronald. After stomping on their faces, both Grell and Ronald wake up. William then tells them to finish their job. Ronald complains about being beaten up, but he is told that they still need to finish their job. He also adds that once they are done then they will also need to file a report about the "violator".[36]

Anime's Synopsis

Note: This section is under construction and revision.


  • (To William T. Spears) "My, looks like you took offense after all, even though I tried to get here really fast. Still, perhaps you are just disappointed that it's me?"[38]
  • "Well, let's finish up that investigation work then. I have a party with the secretarial section today. Also, from the start, I've never been one to do overtime."[4]
  • (To Sebastian Michaelis) "I am the next Reaper, Ronald 'To Die!' Ah it's no good after all. Mr. Sutcliff said I needed to have a catchphrase, I had the girls over in General Affairs section to think one up for me."[39]
  • "Wind in our sails! The future is looking bright!... For us, that is."[40]
  • (To Sebastian Michaelis) "Ya know, for a Grim Reaper to be all about their Death Scythe is kinda old fashioned."[39]



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