Quotation1 Brilliant Eden, Scarlet Fox Quotation2
Johann Agares[1]
Scarlet Fox
Red House
Prefect Unnamed prefect[2]
Edgar Redmond (former) [3]
Subordinate Derrick Arden (former)
Maurice Cole (former)[4]
Joanne Harcourt (former) [5]
Dorm Specialty High Birth[3]
Insignia Fox
Dorm Color Red

Scarlet Fox (also known as the Red House)[6] is one of the four houses in the prestigious school Weston College.


Fences border the premises of the Scarlet Fox house. The entrance of imposing height leading up to the central building is decorated with intricate designs, and the crest of a fox is on its pinnacle. At night, barred gates obstruct the gaping entrance.[7]

A fountain is placed before the house, and the main building consists of several stories, with each harboring vast windows.

Scarlet Fox Dormitory Stable

Dormitory Stable

The house has guards to maintain a vigil over the edifice that entails a great expense. Ciel Phantomhive compares its grandiosity to Buckingham Palace.[8]

In its tract of land, there lies a house stable where horses and Soma Asman Kadar's elephant are kept, although the elephant is placed outside.[9]


Scarlet Fox's emblematic animal is the fox, and its distinguished color is red. The particular characteristic of the students is that they are of exceptionally high birth or gentility.[10] Thus, only those with enough status and wealth can be admitted into the Scarlet Fox house.


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