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Quotation1 I am simply one hell of a butler. Quotation2
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis

セバスチャン ミカエリス


Sebasuchan Mikaerisu


Mr. Michaelis






185 cm (6'1")

Professional Status

Faustian Contract


Butler of the Phantomhive Household

Previous Occupation

Second-String Member of the Noah's Ark Circus
Dormitory Warden of Sapphire Owl at Weston College

Base of Operations

Phantomhive Manor

Personal Status


First Appearance
Manga Debut

Volume 1, Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Daisuke Ono

English Voice

J. Michael Tatum

Sebastian Michaelis (セバスチャン ミカエリス, Sebasuchan Mikaerisu) is the demon butler of the Phantomhive household.



Sebastian's Faustian contract seal.

Sebastian takes on the appearance of a tall, handsome, youthful male adult with black hair, red eyes, and pale skin that has a grayish tint. He typically dresses in an outfit that consists of black trousers, a six button double-breasted tailcoat, and a grey vest. He has the Phantomhive crest on his shirt cuffs and tie. He also sports a pocket watch with a chain and chained silver lapel pin bearing the Phantomhive crest, traditionally worn by the house's head butler.[1]


Sebastian in the manga.

His white gloves conceal the mark of his Faustian contract with Ciel Phantomhive on his left hand. He occasionally removes these, revealing black fingernails.[2]

Sebastian's demonic form has never been fully shown. Details of this form include high-heeled stiletto boots,  sharp claws, glowing fuchsia irises, slitted pupils, and longer, sharper teeth, with dark black wings.[3][4] Prior to transforming, Sebastian said several times that his form is unpleasant to look at. Just looking at it drove Ash Landers to hysterics. [5]


Sebastian is a dedicated butler to Ciel Phantomhive; he upholds a strong sense of duty to his master and household. He follows and completes each order faithfully while always ensuring that the Phantomhive house runs smoothly. He does not sleep, for demons view it as a form of luxury, and thus frequently performs tasks for Ciel at night.[6] The manner in which he responds to Ciel's demands is quite notable; he says, "Yes, my Lord."

Despite his appearance as a courteous and excellent servant, Sebastian is actually a heartless and sadistic demon. He expresses these traits in a very passive and sarcastic manner. He is ruthless when attacking others on Ciel's orders, such as when he kicks Grell Sutcliff's face because it is the thing he most cherishes. His diabolic nature is also shown through his dark humor and inability to see good in much of anyone.[7] At times Sebastian can be indifferent, and he deliberately delays ensuring Ciel's well-being to tease him.[8] Sebastian has also put Ciel's life in mild danger for his own amusement.[9] He calls Ciel a "brat" who treats his workers rudely.[10] However, despite all the troubles he goes through on a daily basis, he says that he does not dislike the butler lifestyle.[11]He is also very polite.

Sebastian views money as "rubbish" or "materialistic," and is more than willing to give out generous amounts of pocket money given to him.[12] He is fluent in French and Latin, enough to teach the latter.[13][14] He is also knowledgeable and proficient in Deutsch (German)[15] and East Franconian, a dialect in Southern Germany. [16] Sebastian has a strong and mutual distaste for Grim Reapers.[17] He greatly favors cats, and keeps at least thirteen hidden in his closet to prevent Ciel from finding out.[18]

Sebastian often contemplates the behaviors and attitudes of human beings. He finds humans in general to be "difficult creatures," but he adds that their struggles and lofty goals make them interesting. He is also intrigued about how insatiable they are, as they are willing to "drag others down to get what they want, even in death."[19]


Sebastian's real home is in an alternate world that is quite different from the human world. In particular, he mentioned that the creatures kept as pets there are in no way comparable to cats.[20] Sebastian had briefly remarked that he met an ancient Egyptian mummy when it was alive, identified by Sebastian as Smenkhkare who reigned about three thousand years ago.[21] He was also a guest at the Schönbrunn Palace from time to time.[22] He also claimed to be responsible for the spread of the Black Death that occurred five hundred years prior.[23] In short, he mused that Ciel Phantomhive's life in comparison would feel like an instant.[24]

Sebastian stated that, in the past, he engaged in "messily sampling every dish available," and has since resorted to only consuming "high-quality" souls. As a result, he has been apparently starving, but he declared that the "dinner" will be much better the hungrier he is.[25]

Three years ago, he was summoned to Ciel Phantomhive when the latter was about to be sacrificed in an occult ritual.[26] After forming the contract with Ciel and placing the seal on his right eye, Ciel ordered him to slay his abductors. Sebastian decided to adopt a "role that is best fit to serve an Earl"; therefore taking a form of a butler, until Ciel completes his personal mission of revenge—that is the substance of their contract. In return, Sebastian will receive Ciel's soul. He was then given the name "Sebastian" by Ciel, which used to be his dog's name, for the duration of his duties as Ciel's butler.[27]

Once he was finished annihilating the cultists, they went to the Royal London Hospital to meet with Ciel's aunt, Angelina Dalles. There, Tanaka gave him a watch that had been passed down from one Phantomhive butler to the next. After that, Angelina arranged for a carriage to bring them to the ruins of the Phantomhive manor. While Ciel was mourning the deaths of his parents, Sebastian reconstructed the manor.[28]

Ciel and Sebastian then began daily life. He taught Ciel the fundamentals of an being an earl, while he learned from his new master how to be a butler fit for the Phantomhive household.[29] He later attended Ciel's coronation as the Earl of Phantomhive, but did not observe at a close distance because he saw himself as a mere butler, not family.[30] While they were walking, Sebastian asked Ciel if he was happy with how things were and, at Ciel's hesitation, attempted to devour him. He was stopped, however, when Ciel suddenly turned around and stated that he was determined to attain his revenge. He commanded Sebastian to be his sword and shield and bring him victory. Sebastian complied, as he was sure that Ciel's soul would be extremely delicious.[31]


Kidnapping Arc

Sebastian, the butler of the Phantomhive household, wakes up his master Ciel Phantomhive and informs him about the day's schedule.[32] He then proceeds to prepare for the evening's special guest, Chlaus. The bumbling of the other servants almost causes catastrophe, but through quick thinking and even quicker reflexes, Sebastian is able to keep things running smoothly.[33]

The following day, Elizabeth Midford pays a visit, and Sebastian helps satisfy her wish to hold a dance party by teaching Ciel how to dance.[34] When Elizabeth breaks Ciel's heirloom ring, Sebastian later collects the pieces and fixes it for him, returning it to him that evening.[35]

A few days after Chlaus's visit, Ciel is kidnapped by a drug dealer named Azzurro Vanel of the Ferro family. When Ciel refuses to supply the information Azzurro is seeking, the dealer orders his snipers to kill Ciel's servants. When a sniper misses hitting Sebastian, he is alerted of their presence. The snipers leave in a vehicle, but Sebastian stops them. After gathering information from them, he kills them by letting them fall off a cliff to their deaths, and informs Azzurro from a car phone that he intends to pick up Ciel.[36] Once he arrives, he is attacked, but he is able to calmly eliminate most of Azzurro's defense, mainly by using silverware. Sebastian then enters the room where Ciel is being held and moves to provide the requested ransom. Hidden gunmen then inflict what appears to be multiple fatal gunshot wounds on Sebastian, but Sebastian recovers quickly and returns the bullets by spitting them out of his mouth. He eliminates all of Ciel's kidnappers, refusing Azzurro's offer of leaving Ciel in exchange for women and money, and returns Ciel home.[37][38]

Jack the Ripper Arc

Ciel decides to spend the social season at his manor in London, where he discovers his aunt Angelina Dalles, her butler, Grell Sutcliff, and family friend, Lau, looting his house in search of tea. As Sebastian prepares some, they gather information of the murders performed by an unidentified serial killer, labeled Jack the Ripper by police and other prostitutes. After meeting with Undertaker, they determine that the removal of the murdered women's wombs had to have been performed by an expert, meaning an individual with anatomical knowledge.

After Aleister party

Sebastian rescues Ciel from being auctioned off.

Sebastian quickly makes a list of potential suspects and whittles it down to the Viscount of Druitt, Aleister Chamber. They decide to attend a party Aleister is holding in disguise, with Ciel dressing up as Angelina's niece and Sebastian pretending to be his tutor. During the party, Sebastian creates a diversion by pretending to be a hired magician, allowing Ciel to investigate Aleister. Shortly thereafter, Ciel is drugged and whisked off to a hidden room in the manor where Aleister has begun to auction him off. Sebastian rescues Ciel, Aleister is arrested and they believe that the culprit of the murders is now safely behind bars.

However, another murder takes place, indicating that they have not yet found the real murderer. Sebastian and Ciel review the previous murders, and learn of the next likely victim. They lie in wait outside her home, sure that if the murderer were to enter, they would see him or her. However, the woman is killed anyway, and upon inspecting her home, they find Grell standing over her body. Angelina and Grell confess that they are Jack the Ripper.

Sebastian deals with Grell in his Grim Reaper form, whose modified death scythe is able to injure Sebastian. When Angelina moves in to attack Ciel, Sebastian momentarily returns to his demon form and moves to kill her. Ciel orders him to stop, because Angelina had hesitated in her attack. Even though Sebastian stops, Grell kills Angelina when she refuses to kil
Grell attacks sebastian

Sebastian injured by Grell.

l Ciel. Ciel then orders Sebastian to eliminate Grell. Sebastian manages to overpower Grell, and moves in to kill him with his own death scythe. However, just as he is about to deliver the finishing blow, William T. Spears appears and stops him. Sebastian apologizes for his failure to kill Grell, but Ciel dismisses him.

Curry Contest Arc

After the murders stopped, London faces another problem: British citizens who have recently returned from India are the victims of an attack that leaves them stripped and hanging upside-down outside Indian pubs. All victims have the same letter attached to their bodies; stating that England, the land of the devil will soon receive punishment from heaven.[39] Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau begin their investigation and are attacked by some Indians in a poor district. [40] Prince Soma and Agni help them out and reveal that they are in town to find Soma's servant, Mina.[41]In return for their assistance, they come to stay at Ciel's manor, where Sebastian learns that Agni is on par with his fighting abilities, despite being just human.[42][43]

Seb the deer

Sebastian rescues Soma covertly by putting on a deer's head.

That night, Agni leaves the manor, and Lau, Ciel, Soma, and Sebastian follow him to Lord Harold West's home.[44] They discover that Agni is working for West, and has knowledge of Mina's whereabouts.[45] Soma bursts in, but Agni obeys West's orders and begins to attack Soma.[46] Sebastian bursts in to save Soma, albeit in disguise.[47]

Back at the manor, Soma starts throwing tantrums and destroys the Haviland tea set that Sebastian picked out for the young master.[48] He then asks if Lau and Ciel are alright and then decided that it would be best if he teaches Soma some manners. [49] Sebastian points out that Soma didn't have anything in the first place for everything he claims to possess had only been given to him.[50] As he continues to torment Soma with his words, Ciel enters the room and tells Soma that despite everything he has gone through, he plans to stand against everything to achieve his revenge. Ciel and Sebastian then leaves the room to talk about West and his plans.[51] Soma follows them and apologized to the two, although he hides behind Ciel as he apologizes to Sebastian.[52]

They continue to discuss about West's motives, and they speculate that West wants to win the upcoming curry competition in order to obtain a Royal Warrant.[53] The attacks, then, were done to terrorize any competitors into backing out.[54] Ciel decides he would like to obtain the warrant instead, and orders Sebastian to make a competition-worthy curry.[55] In the manga Soma acts as a taste tester while Sebastian works on replicating the quality of Agni's curry.[56] After finally achieving it, Ciel says it's not enough to merely be on par with Agni, and that he needs to win.[57] Lau points out that Sebastian seems to have a plan and Sebastian confirms it.[58]

At the competition, it appears that Sebastian adds Funtom Co.'s chocolate which contains large amounts of pure cacao to achieve a deeper substance without ruining the taste and fragrance.[59][60] Agni commends Sebastian's use of chocolate as an ingredient but insists that he cannot lose.[61] On the other hand, Soma clears that Sebastian is ruining his curry by having the heat up too high and he is not able to make a perfect naan under the conditions provided.[62] When it comes time to present their curries, Agni immediately wins favor, while the judges mock Sebastian's curry doughnut.[63] However, once they taste it, they are evenly split over which curry is better and declare a tie, due to the excellent combination of flavorings from the chocolate that Sebastian added.[64] Queen Victoria and John Brown arrive, though, and stop the judges. The queen then declares that Sebastian is the winner due to its appeal to people of all ages.[65] Agni and Soma make up, and Agni apologizes to Sebastian for all the trouble he has given him.[66][67] He tells Sebastian that he and the prince have learned a lot from them and expresses his utmost gratitude. Sebastian tells him to raise his head for there is nothing to thank him for.[68] In the end, Agni tells him that he and the prince were able to make good friends. To Sebastian's surprise, he tells Agni that it's the first time someone has said that to him.[69]

Noah's Ark Circus Arc

Ciel and Sebastian are sent out by the queen to investigate the disappearances of children that seem to coincide with the presence of the Noah's Ark Circus.[70] They attend a show, and Sebastian is invited onstage, where his head was bitten by a tiger as he admires its round eyes, soft and vividly-striped ears and plump paws.[71] After the show, Joker approaches him and takes him to see Doctor to ensure that he is okay.[72] While there, he learns that many of the performers have prosthetic limbs, and he investigates Beast's leg.[73] Beast, however, accuses him of being rude, and Dagger attacks him to defend his sister's honor.[74] Due to his skill in evading the attacks, Joker is impressed and invites him to join the circus.[75] Sebastian agrees and the following day, he brings Ciel to take the entrance test, which he is able to pass with Sebastian's help.[76] Joker takes them on a tour of the tents, pointing out which ones are off-limits because they are exclusive to first-string members only.[77] Afterwards, Sebastian tells Ciel that the children aren't present and suggests they inspect the first-string members' tents that are protected by Snake's poisonous snakes.[78] They work on assimilating in with the rest of the members while they wait for an opportunity to investigate further. They are given stage names, with Sebastian's name being Black (ブラック, Burakku).[79] While in the practice tent, they discover that the Grim Reaper, William T. Spears, is also present, under the name Suit.[80] They agree to not interfere with each other, which is made more difficult by Spears' assignment as Sebastian's roommate. [81][82] His presence prevents Sebastian from investigating while the circus members are sleeping, because William is worried that he would be consuming souls if he was let out.[83]

Sebastian after act

Sebastian smiles to the audience after finishing a trapeze act.

During a performance Sebastian and Ciel are able to infiltrate the first-string members' tents, which is possible because Sebastian captured the snakes.[84] However, when Wendy is injured, Sebastian is asked to stand in for her and Spears is asked to stand in for Peter. Ciel investigates further on his own, and asks Sebastian to hurry back before the first-string members do, in order to release the snakes.[85] When Spears makes this more difficult by refusing to touch Sebastian, Sebastian grabs his death scythe so they can finish the performance.[86][87] After the show, he is able to hurry back and release the poisonous snakes, despite knowing that Ciel was still investigating.[88]

Ciel reveals the information he was able to gather, and asks Sebastian to investigate further.[89] When the first-string members learn that Ciel and Sebastian were searching in their tents, Joker leaves to consult Father, while Sebastian takes advantage of Beast's distress by seducing her and eventually, reveal Father's name.[90][91] In the morning, Sebastian and Ciel leave for the London manor, where Ciel attempts to prepare for further investigation.[92] However because of Ciel's sickness, Agni convinces Sebastian that part of his duty as a butler is to look after his master's health.[93] Much to Ciel's dismay, Sebastian follows this advice, and delays him from confronting Baron Kelvin until that night.[94]

Kuroshitsuji v07 c31 - 021-022

Ciel and Sebastian confronts Baron Kelvin and Joker.

Upon reaching the manor, Ciel and Sebastian learn that Joker and Baron Kelvin were expecting their presence and had prepared dinner.[95] Sebastian tests the wine for poison, but Ciel says he has no intention of eating.[96] Baron Kelvin has Joker put on an impromptu circus act using the untrained, kidnapped children for the cast.[97] After two children are killed by their acts, Ciel orders Sebastian to put a stop to it.[98] Ciel pulls a gun and points it to Baron Kelvin, as he orders him to lead them to the remaining kidnapped children's whereabouts.[99] He then learns that the Baron has recreated the place Ciel was used as a sacrifice, which results in Ciel recalling his trauma and shooting him.[100] When Joker attempts to go to his father's aid, Sebastian cuts off his left hand and orders him to not disturb his master.[101]
Sebastian fire

Sebastian sets the mansion on fire.

Doctor arrives and reveals that he used the kidnapped children to create the prosthetic limbs the cast members wear, and Sebastian comments on their exceptional quality.[102] Doctor then grabs one of the kidnapped children and slices her open.[103] This reminds Ciel of his own past and traumatizes him to the point of breaking down completely, screaming and vomiting out of shock.[104] However, Sebastian is able to calm him down slightly by grasping his hand and reminding him he was "outside of the cage" now. He holds Ciel and takes off his eye patch, telling him to call his name.[105] Ciel orders Sebastian to kill everyone and burn the place down. Sebastian hesitates, then reminds Ciel that their mission from the Queen was not yet completed. Ciel responds by yelling at him and reminding him of his place. Sebastian then obeys the order and, using the seal, uses fire from candles to set the building ablaze.[106] After setting the building on fire, Sebastian then carries Ciel out, where they encounter Doll who had gone looking for her adoptive brother.[107] Doll becomes upset upon learning of Joker's death and attacks them.[108] Sebastian is later seen walking away from the mansion, and it is implied that he killed her.[109]

Afterwards, Sebastian boards a train with Ciel, and is forced to join him in first class, as third class was full.[110] There, he questions Ciel's kindness in visiting the Renbon Workhouse, where the first-string members grew up, and comments that it is at odds with his willingness to slay the children he was supposed to save. When Ciel states that it is because they would be better off dead, Sebastian calls him arrogant.[111]

After the train ride, they get a short ride from a local to a hill that they climb to find the workhouse.[112] There, they discover that the workhouse is in ruins, and must have been abandoned for quite some time.[113] Sebastian comments that Baron Kelvin lied, and he likely allowed Doctor to carve up the brothers and sisters Joker referred to for more artificial limbs.[114] Ciel finds it darkly amusing that humans would fight to defend something that don't exist, commenting that he himself is a human like them, something to which Sebastian cheerfully agrees and states that humans are interesting.[115]

Later, Ciel and Sebastian return to the manor, where Elizabeth comments that she wants to get new clothes and go on a boat ride.[116] To satisfy her wants, Sebastian calls in Nina Hopkins, a tailor the Phantomhives have worked with previously. Sebastian initially criticizes her designs, saying that the colors red and yellow do not suit Ciel and would make him look too childish.[117] As a result, she throws Ciel, Sebastian, and Elizabeth out of the room.[118]

When Ciel returns for a fitting, she removes his top, unhappy with the silhouette.[119] In order to prevent Elizabeth from seeing Ciel's slave mark, Sebastian places his hand over it according to Ciel's order, forcing Nina to suffer through awkwardly measuring Ciel.[120] Thinking that it was safe, Sebastian removes his hand only to have Soma and Agni burst into the room. Sebastian then rips down a curtain, covering Ciel long enough to dress him and cover the brand.[121] He then leads them back to the dining hall, where Elizabeth learns that Ciel had recently been ill. She asks why Ciel never tells her anything, and Sebastian states that although it is a hard question to answer, Ciel seems more relaxed than he had been in a while, thanks to everyone's company.[122]

Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc

When Charles Grey and Charles Phipps arrive at the manor, Grey attacks Baldroy and Mey-Rin upon entrance.[123] Sebastian intervenes in enough time to prevent Grey from stabbing Baldroy in the head.[124] He then lets them in to see Ciel. They announce that Queen Victoria wants Ciel to host a banquet and a guest, which Ciel reluctantly agrees to do.[125] Ciel then orders Sebastian to begin preparations and contact Lau and Undertaker.[126]

Kuroshitsuji v09 c39 - 27-28

Sebastian presents his impromptu wine glass pyramid to shift their attention.

When the day arrives, he and the other servants make sure the event runs smoothly. [127] Yet a commotion arises between the drunk Georg von Siemens and Irene Diaz who feels harassed for being relentlessly touched by him.[128] This ends up with Ciel getting drenched with wine for defending Irene and Sebastian grabbing the wine bottle Grimsby Keanne was about to throw and pouring it into an exquisite wine glass pyramid. He successfully shifts everyone's attention with this act, which leaves everyone in awe and a feeling of bliss.[129] On the other hand, Ciel and Sebastian starts talking in French about von Siemen's displeasing attitude when alcohol gets into his head. This catches Arthur Conan Doyle's attention and Ciel simply puts his finger on his lips, referring that he must keep it as a secret.[130]
Sebastian is dead

Sebastian's body found dead.

Afterwards, they clean up in the kitchen when the guest of honor at the party, Georg von Siemens, requests their attention.[131]Mey-Rin and Sebastian go to see what he wants, and they hear a loud scream, which attracts all of the guests from the party.[132] When he does not unlock the door, Sebastian breaks it down, and inside, they find Georg's corpse.[133] Because the majority of house guests blame Ciel for the murder, they decide he must be watched by one of them.[134] Arthur Conan Doyle is chosen to watch Ciel, and they are handcuffed together.[135] At this time, Sebastian makes arrangements with the other servants of the house, giving them instructions to last several days.[136] In the morning, Sebastian is found dead and does not wake up even on Ciel's order.[137]

He is moved to the basement along with von Siemen's body.[138] While having breakfast, Charles Grey notices the seemingly extra plate served beside Irene and asks for it. Ciel insists that Sebastian would never mix up the numbers until they realized that Phelps is missing.[139] Arthur and Ciel rise up quickly and go straight to Ciel's room to check on Phelps.[140] The room is locked and only Sebastian knows where it is kept. Finnian volunteers to break in but is stopped by Charles who decides to destroy the door first since there are still desserts left to be eaten.[141] There, they found Phelp's dead body with needle-like wounds on his neck, which is similar to a vampire's bite mark.[142]

Later the residents searched his body for a key but do not find it. Instead they find Sebastian's wet body, so they decided to move all three bodies to prevent further decay but Ciel insists they move the bodies later on. [143] When Jeremy Rathbone arrives, Sebastian's corpse, along with Phelps' and Siemens's corpses, are moved into rooms according to the time they were murdered.[144] After Jeremy examines the bodies and everyone leaves, Charles Grey suddenly rushes back upstairs on a feeling and peers under the blanket at Sebastian's corpse. He stares at him, kicks him on the face but finds nothing amiss. [145][146]

After the case is solved, Arthur Conan Doyle is thanked by Jeremy for taking care of the "young master" using French.[147] Arthur suddenly realizes that something is odd about Jeremy and he rushes back to the Phantomhive residence where he accuses Jeremy of being Sebastian. Removing the disguise, it is revealed that Sebastian had been alive and well, posing as Jeremy since he arrived.[148] He even went so far as to "borrow" Phelp's corpse and dress it like him at one point so that it would appear that Sebastian and Jeremy were two different people[149].

Sebastian explained to Arthur what really happened that night, and in the process reveals that Charles Grey was the one who killed him and Siemens.[150][151] He also revealed to Arthur that he isn't human, scaring Arthur. He even reveals his true form to him to make sure sure he will eventually write about it. [152] He states that Ciel liked Arthur's novel, to an extent that he reads the same magazine without throwing it away. Auspiciously, Arthur's next work will be something to look forward to.[153]

After Conan Doyle left, Ciel asked Sebastian about Phelp's murderer.[154] He checked if Ciel really wants to see the murderer and opened the box where the murderer is in, which is Snake.[155] Sebastian explained how he encountered Snake and later asked how Snake found his way to the mansion.[156] During the process, they discovered that Snake got to the mansion because Soma gave him a carriage trip to the mansion, surprising the two of them.[157] Ciel learned that Snake came to his mansion because of how his friends went missing after Ciel and Sebastian joined the circus.[158] Ciel then decided to take Snake as a servant, surprising both Snake and Sebastian. At first Snake hesitated, but then accepted his offer.[159]


Sebastian's "corpse" being brought to his grave.

an's corpse was buried soon after (likely the same day). Before everyone left, the bell on Sebastian's grave rang. Undertaker told them that if the bell rings, it means that he is still alive.[160] Everyone quickly digs his grave and when Sebastian got up, stating that he was glad he could finally get out of the coffin, Elizabeth, Mey-Rin, Finnian, and Baldroy jumped at him at the same time, crying.[161] Later on, Tanaka gave him back his lapel pin, and Sebastian serves under Ciel once again.[162] Furthermore, he clears to Elizabeth he doesn't tell lies.[163]

Ship Voyage Arc

Public School Arc

Green Witch Arc


  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "It seems your talent for dancing is non-existent. It must be crushing, young master."[168]
  • "I am the butler of the Phantomhive family. It goes without saying that I can manage something like this."[169]
  • "I am one hell of a butler. So long as the young master possesses the 'mark of the covenant' . . . I am his faithful dog. A 'sacrifice' . . . a 'wish' . . . and a 'covenant' bind me to my master.[170]
  • "Young master. Forgive me. As butler of the Phantomhive Family, this is an unpardonable disgrace . . . I do not know how I should atone for this . . . I have been unable to prepare dinner this evening."[171]
  • "A butler begins his day early. He is the last to finish his work late at night, and the first to begin work in the morning. Such is the duty of a butler who manages the household."[172]
  • (Referring to Mey-Rin) "Why, this imbec—that is to say, housemaid. It would seem the problem no longer lies in her eyesight. Why does she fail to realize that there is something clearly wrong with her own brain and not the instructions? Word has it that the public adores silly maids. But I do not think I will ever understand it, and I have no intention of even trying to do so. I myself would like to wring her neck."[173]
  • (Referring to Baldroy) "Why this imbec—rather chef. You should talk about cooking after you have actually cooked something. I believe eighty percent of what you have managed to cook has been charcoal. The other twenty percent was hazardous waste. Save your art for you hairstyle, and cook something edible . . . otherwise . . . I wish for you to become charcoal yourself."[174]
  • (Referring to Finnian) "Why this imbec—this imbecile! How can a gardener be so clumsy? Though the saying goes, 'an idiot and a pair of scissors can both be of use,' giving this useless idiot a pair of scissors is trouble in itself. He refers to something that happened two or three days ago as being 'a while back.' The way his brain can easily cast aside a blunder of that degree . . . I have surpassed anger, and I am, in fact rather impressed."[175]
  • (About Finnian) "I have lived for quite some time, but this is my first encounter with a being from outer space. How does he expect me to respond to his beaming smile?"[175]
  • "I have had enough. In times like these, yes . . . I want to see her. A supple body, flowing black hair. I must hurry . . . to the place where she awaits me . . . to her. I find cats most agreeable. They only say (do) that which is necessary. They are quite adorable. They do not exist in my world. Pets do exist over there, but . . . they leave much to be desired."[176]
  • "I, your 'chessman,' am your 'might,' your 'hands' and 'feet' . . . you alone will decide . . . you yourself will choose . . . and for that, I shall become your 'might.' You said as much . . . 'that day.' I am merely a 'butler.' I will not cross that line. I only faithfully execute what the master orders, and answer what the master asks me. By your order . . . I, your 'chessman' . . . shall become your 'sword.' Now then . . . let us move into check, Master."[177]
  • (To Grell Sutcliff) "From the time . . . my master called me 'Sebastian' . . . that word became my covenant and christened me anew. I have been 'Sebastian' since that day. I vowed as much to the moon, you see?"[178]
  • (While stepping on Grell Sutcliff's face) "I do not enjoy being stepped on . . . but being the one doing the stepping is another story altogether."[179]
  • "Humans are easily tempted. When they are poised on the edge of hellish despair . . . and a spider's thread of salvation presents itself, they will invariably grasp it . . . no matter the manner of human."[180]
  • (To Frances Midford, about Ciel Phantomhive) "The young master has an inordinate talent for games. Consequently, he seems to over-confidently believe that he 'cannot lose.' But at times, it will be necessary for him . . . to carry himself with humility while striving for his goal. Otherwise, he will eventually trip up . . . as the place for which young master aims is not an easy one to reach. Perhaps it is not my place to say this, but . . . I would like you to be an exemplar for my master, Marchioness."[181]
  • (To the other Phantomhive servants) "Why do you three not kowtow and beg Mister Agni for the dirt under his nails? Your lives might gain a little value that way." [182]
  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "—Oh? What a tiny master this. You have summoned me. That fact will not change for all eternity . . . and the sacrifice that has been made will never return. Make your choice."[183]
  • (To Agni) "England or India, it makes no difference. No matter where or from what era, they are all alike . . . those beings called humans."[184]
  • (To Agni) "Did you say . . . friends? This is my first time hearing that from someone."[185]
  • (To William T. Spears) "I grew weary of indiscriminately devouring souls long ago. The more ravenous I am . . . the more delicious the dinner."[186]
  • (To William T. Spears) "My goodness. That must be quite a chore to handle alone. Still, a large number of souls . . . shall I lend you a hand?"[187]
  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "As long as there is the contract, I will protect your life. However, if you make a mistake of your own accord, you will possibly suffer a painful experience while alive. You already know that, don't you? Any game becomes boring when it lacks thrills."[188]
  • (To Beast) "Why not forget just for the tonight? Drown in pleasure . . . and breathe sweet poison deep into your lungs."[189]
  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "You are different from demons who are revolting and possess complex evil intent. Telling lies . . . desperately struggling, kicking down other people. Stealing the stolen, while repeating your reasons over and over. And even so, you aim for the horizon over the hills. That's why humans are interesting."[190]
  • (To Ronald Knox) "Young’uns these days are really so feeble. Isn't it kind of old-fashioned to just rely on your Death Scythe?"[192]
  • "How interesting... Humans will drag others down in order to get what they want even in death. What truly insatiable creatures!"[193]
  • (Referring to Ciel Phantomhive) "He turns his back towards the light without hesitation. That figure that charges into the abyss at a dignified pace. How beautiful and foolish."[194]
  • (To Undertaker) "That's where we differ. Exactly because 'death' is such a hopeless and definite 'end' . . . it is beautiful."[195]
  • "If it's your wish I will follow you everywhere. Even if your throne crumbles and your shiny crown turns to rust. Beside you as you lie, softly down, I will be. Until I hear the words, 'checkmate'."[196]
  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "For a king to survive it's good for him to be able to skillfully manipulate the other pieces using both the knight and the queen. Beneath the throne the bodies of your pieces will pile up along with your sins. You must not lose."[196]
  • (To Claude Faustus) "Demons have eternal life. We've grown weary of living so long . . . far too long. My young master's presence lends spice to the world we're glutted on."[197]


  • Sebastian is the first demon to appear in Kuroshitsuji and the only one in the manga.
  • In Kuroshitsuji II, Ciel's soul was able to be stolen in the brief period when Sebastian's left arm was gone, the hand in which his contract seal lies.[197]
Sebastian's grave
  • On Sebastian's grave, beneath the inscription 'To The Memory of Sebastian Michaelis. Died March 1889," there is a line which says "May ye be in heaven an hour before the devil knows you're dead."[199]
  • In the Victorian era, butlers were called by their last name. So Sebastian should technically be called Michaelis by Ciel and Mr. Michaelis by the other servants.[201]
  • When Sebastian was summoned in the manga, he appeared in his true demon form, while in the anime, he appeared as a crow or raven accompanied by a rain of feathers.[202]
  • Sebastian got his last name from the Japanese word mikairi meaning "repayment."[203]
  • Sebastian was named after Ciel's previous dog. [204]


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