Er, isn't her name supposed to be Madam Red and not Madame Red? I got the first two official manga volumes and they name her Madam Red. I thought Madame is French, and this is British lol.  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  00:12,8/23/2012 

Her surnames are spelled incorrectly. "Durless" has from fan translations from way back when (and they weren't even from good translators), and it was never officially translated in the anime. Yen Press translate it as "Dalles", therefore "Dalles" is the one that they should be using. "Barnett" is also from fan translations. Both Yen Press AND FUnimation subtitles (and pronounce it in English) translated it into "Burnett". In conclusion, I'm fixing it, being anon, I can't move the page.--

Thank you!! Michee(Message!!) 06:47,11/21/2013 

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