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    Ummmmmm, so I have a lot of things to say about this chapter. The first is that I'm surprised we actually have around 38 pages this time...was getting used to getting ~20. But let's get on to the reviewing part because there are some things I need to rant about.

    Chapter 125: Ciel is an arsehole for lols

    The chapter starts with Ciel giving excellent news: the P5 is going on an indefinite hiatus. Soma and Sie-chan were disappointed - don't know what for, since this was a fantastic announcement. It officially marked the end of boy bands!!! :D What's funny is that one of the reasons the P5 won't work anymore is because FRANCIS BLESS HER AND ALL THAT IS GOOD MIDFORD intervened and hauled Eddie off the disgraceful stage mid-performance. That is badass, no other words to describe it.

    Ch125 Francis and Edward

    I love her so much!! (Sorry I couldn't erase the text, it blended with the background.)

    Their little exchange was hilarious too.

    FRANCIS: "Elizabeth is in dire straits, and here you are, cavorting!"

    EDDIE: "M-Mother, there's a good reason for all this----!!"

    FRANCIS: "No son of mine will engage in such indecent behavior, whatever the reasons!!"

    In case you're wondering:

    cav·ort /kəˈvôrt/

    gerund or present participle: cavorting

    jump or dance around excitedly.

    ^ That gave me such a funny image of Eddie.


    "Elizabeth is in dire straits, and here you are, cavorting!"

    "Elizabeth is in dire straits, and here you are--"

    Hmmmmm. I sense a bit of hypocrisy here. I mean, at least we knew where Eddie was...where were you, Francis??..............WHILE YOUR BELOVED DAUGHTER WAS IN DIRE STRAITS WHERE. EXACTLY. WERE. YOU. Lizzie has been missing for a while now (~2 months+) AND YOU CONVENIENTLY DISAPPEARED ALONG WITH HER.

    I hope Toboso explains what Francis and Alexis were doing because they were barely there which is too weird. And although Francis finally returned she only had one panel!! This is cruel.

    So anyway after that, Agni walked up to Ciel and Sebastian and talked about how Ciel indirectly involved Soma in a murder (but for real tho that's a stretch.....). He asked Ciel to stop putting Soma in dangerous matters (but for real tho Soma's pretty unimpeachable so there's really no basis for the worry).

    Ch125 Agni

    Wish I had a friend like Agni tho.

    And FOR SOME REASON Ciel took that all the way up his arse and became super mean and irritating. He's all like "well ok fine u guys r useless now lol oh and soma was never my fwend just saying. also #reminder u guys stayed bc u wanted to not bc i begged u too ok #lol #gohomeagni #gohomesoma"

    And I'm just like...wat. ಠ_ಠ

    I hear that some people are glad Ciel is "back" to being stone-cold but in my honest opinion, this seems like character regression to me - Ciel has literally taken a step back in terms of growth. Thought he was finally maturing a little and learning to accept the fact that people like Soma (he struggled with Sie-chan too) are his friends. But nooooo. I swear, this whole they're-not-my-friends bullshit has happened before. Ciel, face it, SOMA'S YOUR FRIEND AND YOU KNOW IT. Stop denying it, it's so pointless. And even if your ego is preventing you from admitting it, it really doesn't give you the right to lash out at Agni like that. This confrontation seems so contrived. To me it's a shoddy attempt at creating tension, but I guess some people liked it. At this point, I've lost all interest in Ciel's character. People can argue that that he's just closed-off and scared to let people in - but, really, I've put up with his standoffish attitude for years now and I hate it when I think he's improving but then he reverts. Whatever, I don't care for static characters. Can't believe I used to think he's more interesting than Sebastian. ಥ_ಥ

    Ch125 Sebastian and Agni

    I'm not really sure what Sebastian was trying to say, but this was cool. Agni looks so sad. :( The more Ciel mistreats Soma and Agni, the more I like them and dislike Ciel.

    The next scene has to do with the S4 - and DAMMIT I HAVE TO RANT AGAIN. #worstcharactersever

    So Greenhill, Bluewer, and Redmond have gone into hiding because the cops are looking for them. I dunno how but Ciel and Sebastian managed to track them down. (Someone, pls wipe the cocky smirk off Ciel's face, he's trying to be cool but it's not working.)

    Ciel demanded to know where Blavat and Lizzie are. But the S4 (or S3 really because Violet isn't there) didn't even know Lizzie was at the Sphere - no surprise there because they're extremely oblivious folks.

    Ch125 Herman

    Hey, look, his old hair lolol.

    Then Lawrence Bluewer legit started spazzing out (lol), and talked about how they didn't know they were accomplices to Blavat's crimes blahblah.

    Ch125 Lawrence

    You're so weird, Lawrie.

    Then they said that Violet went missing along with Blavat (did they even try to look for Violet...Bluewer was even like "we should wait till nightfall"...were they just going to hit the road without Violet), and that's when Sebastian told them Violet has Sirius blood so Blavat is probably draining the shit out of him atm.

    And the next part made me roll my eyes. The three imbeciles were shocked and FINALLY put two and two together: "So that's why Violet would sometimes get called away by Blavat? (blavatxviolet tho)" "That's why he collapsed from anemia??"

    UMMMMM....? SO WAIT Y'ALL HAD A FEELING THAT SUCH ACTIONS ABOVE WERE A LITTLE BIT UNUSUAL BUT YOU WERE JUST LIKE, "eh fuck it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"??? You didn't even consider asking Violet why he and Blavat occasionally spent time alone (dat innuendo tho)??? Even if you're going to ignore that, there's no way you should've ignored it when Violet COLLAPSED. Doesn't lack of blood sound alarming?? Shouldn't you poke around a little and inquire into his health??......You know, in a way, it must be nice to be naturally ignorant like the S3. Even if there's trouble right in front of you, you just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and life goes on.

    "Why didn't he say anything??" BECAUSE YOUR BRAINS CAN'T EFFICIENTLY PROCESS INFORMATION SO WHAT'S THE POINT. And don't turn this back on Violet, pls.

    Anyway, Redmond remembered that Blavat had mentioned a second music hall (omg stop blavat).

    Ch125 Edgar

    He looks the best out of the three rn.

    And Bluewer remembered that it was in Bath.

    Ch125 Lawrence remembers Bath

    Honestly, do yourself a favor and chop off those bangs.

    With this information, Ciel and Sebastian set out and left the S3 behind in the dust. Bluewer even called for Ciel but was ignored (I would've ignored him too). And, wow, once I saw that panel, that's when I remembered that Bluewer and Ciel used to talk!!! How times have changed, their whole dynamic is different. Ciel totally looks down on him now because he makes it so easy to be disappointed in him.

    And I know that I sound like a broken record at this point but the P4/S4 are so badly written it's horrifying!!! They act in a way that's inconsistent with their basic traits and right now they literally all think and act the same!!! Like, really, Toboso made them indistinguishable personality-wise, and the only way you can tell them apart is by their faces - but, wait, I'll spare Violet, he's ok, so what I'm focusing on is the S3. Seriously though! Take a look at Bluewer for example. He went from Stern Bookworm who's crazy about tradition ---> Stern Bookworm who finally gained confidence in his athletic abilities ---> Impulsive Murderer who thought he and his friends did good by protecting tradition ---> A Guilt-Ridden Loser ---> A Brainwashed, Radiance-Hungry, Blind, Gullible Fool ---> A Brainwashed, Radiance-Hungry, Blind, Gullible Fool who also happened to be in a boy band ---> (and back to) A Guilt-Ridden Loser

    Compared to how he was first introduced, he's like a totally different character (and that doesn't mean he "developed" per se, more like Toboso started subtracting things from him and now he's unrecognizable). And Redmond - can you see the flamboyant, Viscount of Druitt #2 anymore?? And Greenhill - tough, disciplined athlete, where u at??? I can't even tell that Redmond and Bluewer were childhood friends (and, yes, according to Toboso, they are)! Can you??? The S3's interactions with each other are hardly memorable! It's impossible to see the S3 as unique individuals now. Sure, the things they experienced changed them - but so drastically that they're nothing like their fundamental selves, and they're now so unrealistically similar to each other in how they respond to things in their environment that it's kind of freaky.

    They should've never been brought back to the story. It wasn't necessarily a good one, but there was closure for them at the end of the Public School arc. Bringing them back just to shit on their characters even more is awful. What is their fate now?? AND WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS??

    /rant over/

    At the second music hall in Bath, Blavat had machines take the blood of the military/government men there. Bae has definitely snapped but that's ok.

    Ch125 Bath

    Despite the name Bath is so pretty!
    Ch125 The music hall under construction

    I'm glad it's still under construction because I don't think I can take another music hall.

    Ciel and Sebastian also made it to the second music hall later. Blavat needs to relocate the hidden stairs because they're not doing their job considering how fast Sebastian finds 'em.

    They got to the room Blavat was just at and found poor Violet.

    Ch125 Gregory wakes up

    That's...a rather terrifying face.

    So they asked Violet why he did everything Blavat told him to do even though he knew what Blavat was up to.....and oh no......I feel another rant coming up.

    The reason he did all this was....."'cos...they smiled."



    That's not heartwarming or touching or deep or anything like that at all. That's just insanely stupid. Like, I'm seriously baffled by his stupidity right now especially since there's no way Blavat could've kept it a secret for long so the three are going to find out anyway. It's more like Violet put them in further danger because, now, they're so knee-deep in this shithole that they're running away from the law - by constantly providing entertainment on behalf of the Sphere, they were indirectly helping Blavat commit the crimes (note to Agni: this is indirect involvement in murder, Soma is fine). So Violet should've just warned them and have them beat it before things get to this point. Their smiles are nothing to swoon over anyway so don't cry about it.

    Ch125 Gregory crying

    No, really, don't cry about it.

    And what's even more ludicrous is that Violet wanted the three to know but didn't have the balls to tell them himself, so he decided to do something incredibly roundabout and that was give out Sphere Music Hall invitations to Cheslock and the others and then HOPE that it'll somehow get to Ciel.................

    NO WAY IN HELL IS THAT AN EFFICIENT PLAN!!! I HOPE YOU ARE AWARE THAT THE ODDS ARE STACKED LIKE TOWERS AGAINST YOU!!! SERIOUSLY CHESSIE & WHATEVER WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO HELP BECAUSE ON THE SURFACE THE SPHERE SEEMED ALL FINE AND DANDY (seriously legit none of its attendees were suspicious). AND EVEN IF CHESSIE & WHATEVER ENJOYED THE SPHERE SO MUCH THAT THEY SPREAD THE MESSAGE, WHY WOULD THEY INVITE CIEL WHO THEY'RE NOT CLOSE WITH AND WHO THEY KNOW DOESN'T LIKE SOCIAL GATHERINGS ANYWAY? (recall that the only reasons Ciel went to the music hall was because 1) Queenie wanted him to investigate it 2) Lizzie became obsessed with it - both of that Violet could not have been able to predict) PLUS, BY THE TIME THEY WOULD'VE SNIFFED OUT SOMETHING ON THE OFF CHANCE, YOU WOULD'VE DIED FROM BLOOD LOSS, LAD!!! Epping Forest would've been your new home! Maybe just send Ciel/Scotland Yard a letter yourself and make it anonymous if you want??

    So really it boils down to Violet not wanting to do it himself, which is not just stupid but selfish and cowardly too. He willingly put lives in danger for his friends - who, by the way, are terrible friends who never seem to notice that he's suffering. This is all ridiculous.

    And, lol, Ciel legit ignored everything he said and asked where Blavat is. #priorities Right before he fainted, he revealed that Blavat went back to London. Ciel wanted to take him to the hospital but Grell and Othello came and confirmed that Violet won't die.................

    Honestly, I want someone to die. Even though Violet is the best out of the S4, I don't mind if he dies. Then the rest should die too. There's no point in keeping them around.

    Anyway, at least the Grim Reapers were there! Grell's still the same and Othello was adorable. He told Ciel that he has a familiar face, I wonder if that's going to be brought up again later. Maybe he's talking about Cloudia.

    Another interesting point was when Othello talked about the machines. They're much too advanced, which probably means that someone smart (possibly Blavat) contracted with a demon to make this all happen. Turns out that all the men there had a renal/kidney failure illness, so that's why they needed fresh blood all the time. In doing so their death dates were rewritten on the soul retrieval list and they got to live a little longer.

    Ciel and Sebastian headed back to London while Grell and Othello stayed behind to study the machines and collect souls. Grell said that they will reunite with Sebastian soon - which means someone's going to die.


    I read a theory stating that Lizzie must have found out (because of Blavat) that Sebastian is a demon, and that's why she hated herself for not being able to "save" Ciel. I dunno, it's an interesting thought.


    So I thought this chapter was ok, but after looking back and seeing how many issues I had with the characters, I'll have to rate this chapter a bit lower. I'm glad - very glad - that the plot is moving forward and that the boy band thing is done with. That, I deeply appreciate. Other than that, the way some of these characters acted just didn't make sense at all. Ciel was an arsehole because reasons, the S3 were annoyingly stupid, and Violet's disregard for everyone else but his idiotic friends and his roundabout plan, which he thought of so that he could avoid facing his fears, just wants to piss me off. The highlight was Francis, and the Grim Reapers shared some fascinating information. I wonder how the confrontation with Blavat will go down. Hopefully Lizzie will be shown, I don't even remember the last time I saw her.

    Please, I want to know all of Blavat's secrets (I wonder if he's a contractor like Ciel) and who the damn Blue Star is. I want this arc to end swiftly but also with a few character deaths here and there (looking at the S4). Spare Lizzie tho.

    (Also, I miss Lau.(>﹏<)It's been years since he was last relevant in the manga.)

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    Well, I'm done here. If you need me, I'll be cavorting. See you guys next month!

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