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127. The Butler, Commending (Tribute To Agni) 😢


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    This chapter wrecked me and Agni wasn't even one of my favorite characters. :(

    Chapter 127: AGNI

    Ch127 Soma shot


    Agni comes over just as Soma gets shot in the hand. This pisses Agni off so he unleashes his Right Hand of Kali (or something like that, I forgot what it's called). But when he is about to demolish the gun guy, the knife guy stabs him (I think there were two attackers) and says he'll handle the rest. They fight and Agni is in awe by how fast and strong the guy is. The gun guy is about to shoot Soma but Agni takes the bullet for him.

    Ch127 Agni takes the bullet

    Agni, you valiant bastard, noooo.

    Then Agni pulls Soma up and drags him down the hallway toward a room. In the meantime, the knife guy stabs him.....which is kind of weird. It's hard to imagine this random dude patiently following them and continuing to stab Agni. And where's the gun guy? Did he run out of bullets? Why didn't he just shoot Agni right then and there and finish the job?

    But back to the story. Other people have also noticed this but it seems like Agni passed something to Soma. Maybe the Ciel photo?

    Ch127 Agni gives Soma something

    Pls be the Ciel's photo.

    Agni pushes Soma into the room and holds on to the door to prevent the attackers from getting in. While he's holding on to it, the knife guy stabs him multiple times.


    Prince Soma. When you saved me that day, I am certain it was on a whim. But ever since then, you have been the sun in my sky. You brighten and darken as is your wont, and play havoc with me as you walk down your own path. You have no idea of all the people you've saved by simply shining up in the heavens. That part of you is also very like the sun itself. Prince Soma. Only with you as my sun could my days begin, and the breeze blow life into my stagnant heart, and the stillness of night heal me. So I pray that your life never grows dim. As long as you keep shining brightly, I know there is no ice that will not melt before you.


    Agni tells Soma that he was really happy being with him-------and then it's over.

    Ch127 Soma and Agni


    Sebastian and Ciel come home to find the place in ruins, blood everywhere, and Agni in this state.

    Ch127 Agni's body


    Sebastian tries to open the door, but Agni's hand is still on the doorknob. He has to use his demon strength to pry off Agni's hand - the whole doorknob comes along 'cuz that's how tightly Agni was holding it. DAMMIT AGNI YOU'RE A GOOD MAN.

    When Sebastian finally opens the door, he sees Soma bawling. I'd be that way too. And that's when Sebastian pays his respects to Agni and calls him the epitome of a butler.

    Ch127 Sebastian and Agni

    Goddammit Agni, get up man!!!


    Shiiiit man, that hit me right in the feels. This chapter is Agni's chapter and no other. It was amazing and Toboso really shocked me here.

    It's going to be extremely interesting to see what Soma is going to be like from here on out. The only person to love him unconditionally, even when he was being a arsehole, and shelter him from everything bad is gone. From now on, Soma will have to mature on his own without someone there to gently point him in the right direction. That's going to be interesting. And I wonder if he'll blame Ciel for this, and if he does, what's going to happen to their relationship?

    I gotta say, really loved Sebastian in this chapter. It's clear that he actually respects Agni and I thought that was moving.

    What's Ciel going to do now? Hopefully Soma will reveal who the attackers are in the next chapter!!! Don't delay it, Toboso!!! We need to gut those two arseholes and avenge Agni!!! (‡▼益▼)

    I'm glad Agni got a chance to see Soma grow as a person before he died. :( (And now I'm kind of bitter that Wolfy survived the last arc and yet Agni has to die. It was the perfect time for Wolfy to die back then - and now he plays such an insignificant role.)

    Finally, a character death! I'm really sad that Agni died but I'm so curious about how the plot will develop. (Though this seems very different from the beginning of the arc (think chapter 109)......what is even the Blue Cult arc, seriously...)

    I really can't predict what's going to happen. Can't wait for next month.

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    • Why wait for Mangastream may I ask?

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    • It's so I can save their images, crop them, and then put them in my review. I try not to make my reviews text-only.

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    • Ah I read this chapter on a Chinese manga app-

      At last a character death..! I'm honestly getting really annoyed at Yana... the pacing of this arc is beyond horrible and it's such a mood killer whenever the most exciting part is when the chapter ends. Really felt this chapter and the previous should've been combined. >_> 

      Apart from that, this chapter killed me inside especially when Agni said his last words to Soma... w h y. :'( I think Agni's death can lead to some good development though, especially with Soma and Ciel. Agni literally took the information he found from the photos in chapter 126 to the grave.. so we'll probably never know just what shocked him so much. 

      Didn't really enjoy this chapter that much because it ended soooo soon, but at least Agni's death was executed beautifully if not a little bit rushed imo.

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    • CuteTenshi12 wrote:

       Agni literally took the information he found from the photos in chapter 126 to the grave.. so we'll probably never know just what shocked him so much. 

      Did he though? Look carefully, Agni pushed a piece of paper (Possibly a part of the photo?) into Soma's hands before he died. 

      Actually Yana's confirmed she planned to kill off Agni all along. She just didn't expect Angi and Soma to be such popular characters!

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    • ScarletLycrois wrote:

      Actually Yana's confirmed she planned to kill off Agni all along. She just didn't expect Angi and Soma to be such popular characters!

      Wait really?? Where'd you get that information?

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    • -gets in ball and starts crying- wth kuroshitsuji 

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    • MasterLau wrote:
      ScarletLycrois wrote:
      Actually Yana's confirmed she planned to kill off Agni all along. She just didn't expect Angi and Soma to be such popular characters!
      Wait really?? Where'd you get that information?

      In one of her tweets on Twitter.

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    • That the arc's theme is radiance and what makes you happy, quite a lot of people have stopped shining.

      Lizzy has found her radiance in the Musical Hall, but it keeps her away from her family and friends and makes her depressed. Soma has been able to completely define himself, only to lose Agni moments later. And if the thing Agni handed Soma is the photograph he found and this photo shows the real Ciel, it would fit with the theme as Real!Ciel was more or less the radiance of Fake!Ciel. ("Ah, that's right. I still had you.")

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    • Should of went back to India like he first thought, but now what is gonna happen to/with Soma!?!? 

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    • everyone seemed so worried about Soma, but i honestly expected poor Agni to die. :(

      my initial reasoning was the fact that Agni had just found out a scary secret - likely the one Ciel had previously been eager to keep in the shadows. it seemed so convenient to kill the butler off at this point.

      but now, noticing Agni may have slipped something of essence into his master's hand, i'm not sure what to think anymore. i feel like i finally called something beforehand, but it was just an arbitrarily lucky shot lol.

      also, the second attacker threw me off so bad.

      i agree with CuteTenshi12 anyways, the pace is just terrible, this chapter especially wrecked it for me.

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    • A Fandom user
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