The timelines on this page are taken from characters' speech and actions in the anime and manga. As a result, some of the dates are not entirely clear, particularly with where the manga-only events occur respective to the anime-only events.

Unknown time ago

  • Vincent Phantomhive and Rachel Dalles get married.
  • Baron Kelvin meets Ciel Phantomhive at a party and becomes obsessed with him. He then meets Doctor and begins a long process of undergoing many plastic surgeries in order to become more "beautiful" for Ciel.
  • Baron Kelvin allows Doctor to kill the young children at the Renbourn Workhouse, where the first-tier circus members are from, to use them as materials for artificial limbs.[1]

This is an anime-only storyline for Kuroshitsuji II.

  • Jim seduces the Former Trancy Head and after becoming his favorite bedmate, Jim becomes the Trancy heir and is given the name Alois Trancy (the name of the Trancy Head's missing son).
  • Alois Trancy ‒ after being abused by the Former Head Trancy ‒ makes a contract with the demon Claude Faustus.
  • The Former Head Trancy then dies under mysterious circumstances and "his son" Alois, becomes the successor.

400 years ago

Twelve to thirteen years ago

  • Alois Trancy is born on November 5, 1875.
  • Ciel Phantomhive is born on December 14, 1875.[2]

Two to three years ago

  • Angelina Dalles is impregnated with her husband's child. However, while with Baron Burnett, she is struck by a carriage, which kills her husband and results in the removal of her unborn child and womb.
  • On Ciel Phantomhive's tenth birthday, December 14, 1885, the Phantomhive Manor is attacked, resulting in the deaths of Rachel and Vincent Phantomhive, kidnapping of Ciel, and injury to Tanaka.
  • After being kept as a slave for one month, Ciel Phantomhive is used as a human sacrifice. After being sacrificed, he summons the demon Sebastian Michaelis to him and forms a contract with him.[3]
  • Shortly after the deaths of her husband, sister, and brother-in-law, Angelina Dalles begins murdering prostitutes who request abortions.[4] After one of these killings, she meets Grim Reaper Grell Sutcliff, and together, they become Jack the Ripper.
  • Several months after Phantomhive Manor burns down, Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive return to the manor together.[5]

Current day


  • Sebastian Michaelis goes to Ciel's rescue and kills Azzurro Vanel.
  • The following day, Elizabeth Midford visits Phantomhive Manor and throws a dance party. When Ciel fails to wear the ring she got him, she breaks his one-of-a-kind family ring. Ciel brushes it off and dances with Elizabeth.
    • That night, Sebastian reveals that he fixed the ring.

Jack the Ripper

  • Blame is initially placed on Aleistor Chamber, who is holding underground auctions. Aleistor is arrested.
    • At some point, Aleistor bribes his way out of jail.
  • Another Jack the Ripper killing happens, causing Ciel and Sebastian to turn their attention to Angelina and Grell.
  • Grell kills another woman, and Ciel and Sebastian catch them in the act. They and Angelina confirm that they are Jack the Ripper.
  • Grell murders Angelina for refusing to kill Ciel. Sebastian nearly kills Grell in return, but William T. Spears saves them.
  • In the manga, Francis Midford and her daughter, Elizabeth, go to the Phantomhive Manor to celebrate Ciel's 13th birthday on December 14, 1888.


This is an anime-only storyline.

  • Ciel Phantomhive is sent to the village of Houndsworth to investigate a string of deaths and dog fights.
  • Henry is jailed for his deceit, and while in jail, is killed by Pluto.
  • Angela Blanc reveals that Pluto is her pet, and after Sebastian subdues him, he is sent to go live with the Phantomhives.
  • The village begins to work on changing the place into a spa resort, as hot springs have been discovered.
  • Back at the manor, Ciel tries to take a photo of Sebastian, but Sebastian evades and takes a photo of Ciel instead.
    • The photo reveals that Ciel cares most for Sebastian, which he mocks Ciel for.

Shard of Hope

This is an anime-only storyline that takes place of Francis' and Elizabeth Midford's visit in the manga.

  • Thieves steal the Shard of Hope ring, which is important evidence in a string of kidnappings. One thief betrays the others, but is killed. He and the ring fall into the frozen river.
  • The ring is incorporated into an ice sculpture, the prize for an ice sculpture contest at the Frost Fair.
  • When it is clear that Sebastian is the winner, the thieves bomb the ice, causing the ring to fall below.
  • Somehow, the ring is incorporated into a toy Noah's Ark Elizabeth Midford purchases at the Frost Fair. She finds out the toy is a replica, and breaks it angrily. She decides to give the ring to Ciel for his birthday.
  • The following day, the day before Ciel's birthday, Elizabeth and Paula visit the Phantomhive Manor. She learns that his family ring is repaired and they leave without giving him the Shard of Hope ring.
  • On the way back to the Midford home, they are stuck in traffic. Elizabeth hears music and leaves the carriage, and Paula calls the Phantomhive manor to state that Elizabeth is missing.
  • Elizabeth finds a puppet shop and encounters Drossel Keinz, who kidnaps her, intending to turn her into a doll.
  • Sebastian, Ciel, and Pluto join forces with Grell to rescue her. Sebastian kills Drocell and learn that he was controlled by an unknown individual.
  • As per Elizabeth's request, they hold a birthday party for Ciel the following day.

Curry Contest

  • A string of attacks on Anglo-Indians prompt Ciel to return to his London townhouse to investigate.
  • While searching the East End, Sebastian and Ciel are attacked by Indians and are saved by Prince Soma and Agni, who along with Lau, decide to stay at Ciel's residence.
  • Soma and Agni explain that they are looking for Mina and go out at night to search for her.
  • Without Soma's knowledge, Agni leaves at night on his own, and visits Harold West Jeb. Soma, Lau, Ciel, and Sebastian follow Agni and learn of this.
  • They speculate that Agni is helping West win a Royal Warrant in an upcoming curry contest, and Sebastian is ordered to win it instead.
  • At the contest, in the anime, Angela Blanc gives another contestant a secret spice, curryma.
    • The curryma spice prompts the audience to go on a rampage, and Mina takes out her own husband in an attempt to attack Queen Victoria and her attendant, Ash Landers.
    • Sebastian rescues the audience members from curryma with his own curry. After such a display, Queen Victoria awards the Funtom Corporation the Royal Warrant.
    • Mina is hospitalized, while Harold West Jeb's condition is unknown.
  • At the contest, in the manga, Sebastian's and Agni's curry is so delicious, the judges cannot declare a winner.
    • Queen Victoria and her attendant John Brown arrive and she declares Sebastian's the winner, since his Curry Bread can be eaten by all.
      • Before leaving, the queen slips tickets to the circus into Ciel's coat pocket.
    • Soma encounters Mina, who rushed to Harold's side after hearing he lost, and she reveals that she left Soma because she was selfish.
      • Afterward, Mina consoles West in an alleyway. Lau and Ran-Mao confront them, and Ran-Mao kills them both.[6]

Noah's Ark Circus

This is a manga-only storyline. It is unclear where this occurs respective to the anime-only storyline, Haunted Castle, and the following anime-only storylines.

  • Upon learning that the Noah's Ark Circus's visits correspond with a string of kidnappings, Ciel and Sebastian are sent to investigate.
  • At a circus show, Sebastian is invited to be a part of it, and is bitten by a tiger.
  • Afterward, he is seen by Doctor, and displays impressive acrobatic skills. Joker invites him to join the circus.
  • The following day, Ciel comes back and takes the entrance exam, which Sebastian helps him pass. They join the circus under the stage names Smile and Black.
  • They begin training for the circus, and learn that William T. Spears, whose stage name is Suit, is present.
  • During a performance, Ciel and Sebastian invade the first-tier circus members' tents. However, Ciel has to investigate on his own as Sebastian is asked to be a part of the act.
  • Ciel learns that the circus members have information on him, sent from an unknown person. When he falls sick, Sebastian investigates, and learns that Baron Kelvin is the patron of the circus. They leave the circus.
  • After being forced to spend a day at the manor, thanks to Agni and Soma, Sebastian and Ciel go to Baron Kelvin's manor.
    • There, they learn that Kelvin wants to replicate the day Ciel was sacrificed. Disgusted, Ciel shoots him. Before Joker can go to his aid, Sebastian cuts off his left arm.
    • Doctor enters the room and reveals that he has been using children to make the circus members' artificial limbs. When he kills a girl, Ciel orders Sebastian to kill him and burn the place down.
      • Kelvin, Doctor, and Joker die before the fire, while most of the other residents in the house die because of it.[7]
      • William T. Spears and Ronald Knox are sent as clean-up for the high number of deaths due to the fire.
      • John Brown and other members of the queen's service watch the fire burn from a distance, upon the queen's orders.
  • Meanwhile, the other first-tier circus members, minus Snake and Doll, go to the Phantomhive Manor to kidnap Ciel.
    • All of the invaders (Dagger, Beast, Jumbo, Wendy, and Peter) die at the hands of the servants.
  • After setting the Kelvin manor on fire, Sebastian and Ciel run into Doll.
    • When she learns of Joker's death, she moves into to stab Ciel, and it is implied that Sebastian killed her.[8]
  • The following day, Ciel and Sebastian go to visit the Renbourn Workhouse, where the circus members grew up at, and learn that is has long since been destroyed.
  • They then return to the Phantomhive Manor, where Sebastian sets Finnian, Baldroy, and Mey-Rin to work cleaning it.
  • Elizabeth requests that they get new clothes to go boating, so Nina Hopkins comes to the manor to make new clothes for Ciel and Elizabeth.

Haunted Castle

This is an anime-only storyline. It is unclear where this and the following anime-only story lines occur respective to the manga-only storyline, Noah's Ark Circus.

  • Two ghosts are preventing work on Ciel's castle, so he goes to investigate.
  • There, Richard takes an interest in Sebastian, and King Edward wins Sebastian in a game of chess.
  • Ciel learns that they want to move on to heaven, so he and Sebastian help them find peace with their murders, 400 years ago.
  • After they move on to heaven, Ciel has work resume on the castle.

Book of Doomsday

This is an anime-only storyline.

  • Ash Landers informs Ciel of a cult that is plotting against the government.
  • With Undertaker's help, Ciel, Sebastian, and Grell pose as joiners of the cult.
  • In order to get closer to the mysterious priest, Ciel joins the heaven's choir.
  • The priest tries to strangle Ciel, and Sebastian kills him.
  • After doing so, Angela Blanc kidnaps Ciel and takes him to the Grim Reaper library to rewrite his past.
  • William, Grell, and Sebastian pursue her, and Ciel breaks free of her control.
  • She goes on a rampage, attacking the cult members, and William, Grell, and Sebastian stop her.

Conspiracy and Revenge

This is an anime-only storyline.

  • John Stanley is found dead, and Ciel is sent to retrieve something off of his body, but the item is already missing.
  • Ciel and Sebastian go to Lau and ask for his help, which he agrees to.
  • While further investigating a mysterious new drug, Ash sends Arthur Randall and Fred Abberline to arrest Lau and Ciel, despite knowing they were framed.
    • Lau and Ran-Mao fight their way out, while Ciel and Sebastian submit.
      • Lau and Ran-Mao make plans to leave London, and head to the docks to board a boat.
  • Sebastian is tortured by Angela, while Ciel escapes, with Abberline's help.
  • Ciel and Abberline learn that Lau and Ran-Mao killed Stanley, and he calls Sebastian to him.
  • Ciel and Sebastian go to the boat and confront Lau and Ran-Mao.
  • Ran-Mao and Sebastian engage in a fight, and although Sebastian clearly wins, he does not kill her.
  • After revealing that Queen Victoria plans to start a war, Lau moves in to kill Ciel, but Abberline saves him, being slain the process.
  • Sebastian delivers a strike to Lau, and mortally wounds him.
    • Realizing their defeat, Lau and Ran-Mao jump from the boat, presumably to their deaths.
  • During the following days, Ciel spends time with Elizabeth, teaching her how to play chess, while the servants try to cheer him up, as he is saddened by Abberline's death.
  • Sebastian and Ciel then go to an exposition, where Ciel confronts Queen Victoria. She takes responsibility for his parents' murders.
    • Sebastian moves in to take out Ash and the queen, but when it endangers the citizens below, Ciel orders him to stop.
    • Annoyed by this, Sebastian abandons Ciel.
  • Ash and Queen Victoria escape, and at the castle, Ash is annoyed by her human weaknesses, and abandons her.
    • He takes control of Pluto, and uses him to set London on fire.
    • Meanwhile, the queen succumbs to her rotting flesh and dies.
  • Ciel makes his way back to London on his own, and orders the servants to kill Pluto, which they do, injuring themselves in the process.
    • Witnessing this, Sebastian is confident that Ciel has regained focus.
  • Ciel goes to the royal palace, and finds Queen Victoria dead, which he is blamed for. When the guardsmen shoot Ciel, Sebastian rescues him.
    • At some point after this, a fake Queen Victoria takes the former one's place.
  • Ciel and Sebastian confront Ash/Angela, and Sebastian slays them.
  • Ciel awakens and finds himself on a river that shows his magic play.
    • He learns that:
      • Mey-Rin, Baldroy, and Finnian were still breathing when last checked.
      • Elizabeth is safe, though she is saddened to not have news of the Phantomhives.
      • Agni and Soma returned to London to help in the aftermath
      • They land at some secluded ruins, and it is implied that Sebastian consumes Ciel's soul, as his revenge is complete.[9]

Phantomhive Manor Murders

This is a manga-storyline only
Note: This arc occurs in March.[10]

  • The Queen is displeased with Ciel's burning of the Kelvin Manor and commands him to host a party for the visiting German diplomat Georg von Siemens.
  • In order to properly entertain his guest, Ciel invites several prominent British people such as: Irene Diaz, an opera singer, Grimsby Keane, a famous producer, Karl Woodley, who is the head of a diamond polishing business, Patrick Phelps, who is heir to a shipbuilding/shipping company, as well as a young Arthur Conan Doyle, who is contemplating giving up writing as no one seems to enjoy his work. Lau and Ran-Mao are also present, most likely on request of Ciel.
  • Earl Grey tags along, but it is never clear whether he was invited or not.
  • The party seems to be going well until the Georg von Siemens gets drunk and accosts Irene.
  • Ciel diffuses the situation by throwing himself in front of Irene and getting splashed with wine.
  • Keane is not so quick to forgive and nearly hits the dignitary with a full wine bottle, only for Sebastian to catch it and pour it into a tower of crystal glasses.
  • Ciel and Sebastian begin belittling the Georg in a foreign language we are told is French, as Arthur recognizes what they are saying.
  • Georg retires early due to being drunk and Ciel heads off as well, but becomes suspect when not long after the German dignitary is found murdered in his room.
  • In order to prove his innocence he is chained with Arthur in a different room, only for Sebastian himself to be found murdered the next day.
  • From there it becomes a who-dunnit mystery, with nearly every character except Bard, Finnian, and Mey-Rin coming under suspicion.
  • Patrick Phelps is also found dead in Ciel's room from a snake bite.
  • Halfway through the guests stay they are joined by Jeremy Rathbone, an acquaintance of the Earl's who apparently was delayed by the storm in arriving. It is with his help that all three murders are pinned on Karl Woodley. It should be noted that Jeremy acts a great deal like Sherlock Holmes.
  • Just as the guests are leaving, Arthur has a burst of intuition and heads back to the Phantomhive Manor after Jeremy spoke to him in French.
  • Ciel reveals that Sebastian never died and the murders were in fact, done by Charles Grey on orders of the Queen to test Ciel's capability and loyalty. The only unrelated murder was Phelps, who is later revealed to have been bitten by one of Snake's snakes to kill the Earl.
  • Sebastian reveals his true demon form to Arthur, which affects him so deeply that for the rest of his life he writes stories with one character always based on those two, thus prompting the entire "Sherlock Holmes" series.
  • After Arthur is frightened off, Ciel and Sebastian confront Snake, and eventually hire him to work as a footman.

Luxury Liner

This is a manga-only storyline.

  • Snake is introduced to the staff and it is revealed that there is a hospital that claims to be able to revive the dead. 
  • Before Ciel can investigate, Elizabeth shows up and invites her fiancé to take a trip with her to America on the largest luxury cruise liner, the Campania.
  • Ciel refuses first, but then gets a letter from the Queen telling him to investigate the cult that revives the dead, which is meeting on the ship.
  • While on the ship, they run into Viscount Druitt, Aleistor Chamber, again, and we are given a glimpse of Ronald Knox, the Grim Reaper.
  • It soon becomes clear that the people "revived" are little more than zombies. They begin attacking everyone on the ship.
  • Sebastian kills off a small group, only to find that there are two containers of them, one on each end of the ship.
  • While searching for the escaped doctor, Rian Stoker, and rescuing what survivors there are, it is discovered that Ciel does, in fact, hold feelings for Elizabeth as he blushes and is unable to admit that he likes her.
  • Sebastian and Ciel run into both Grell Sutcliff and Ronald Knox.
  • It is also revealed that Elizabeth is a fencing genius, but has been hiding her talent in order to make Ciel feel more comfortable.
  • After safely evacuating Elizabeth off the ship they return to find Rian Stoker, only to find that it is Undertaker who is the true mastermind.
  • Undertaker created the zombies by adding onto their Cinematic Record after it had stopped, thereby tricking the body into thinking it was still alive without a soul. He calls these "special zombies" Bizarre Dolls.
  • These soulless bodies attack humans because they are trying to get at their souls.
  • Undertaker is revealed to be an seceded Grim Reaper for his questionable experiments. He still has his Death Scythe and manages to wound Sebastian and reveal some of his own Cinematic Record.
  • Through Sebastian's Cinematic Record, Ciel and Sebastian are both seen during and after the making of their contract.
    • This mainly consists of the mishaps that Sebastian makes as he gets used to behaving like a human, and how the two bond together.
    • It ends with Sebastian managing to pull himself out of the memories and grab Ciel as he falls from a balcony.
  • There is a brief battle with Undertaker in which Ciel obtains a mysterious rosary or locket that the Grim Reaper says he entrust his "treasure" to him for a while, before he disappears.
  • Ciel and Sebastian now have to escape the sinking boat. They manage to find an unattended lifeboat and escape.
  • The zombies are not killed by water and begin making their way to the other lifeboats. Ciel orders Sebastian to finish every one of them off.
  • Afterwards Ciel promises him a vacation as it is obvious the Death Scythe blow has severely weakened him.

Public School

Emerald Witch

Blue Cult

Kuroshitsuji II

This is an anime-only storyline.

  • Alois Trancy, while having breakfast, takes out Hannah's eye for looking at him. Later Claude informs Alois of his uncle Arnold Trancy coming over for dinner in the evening and is also going to be accompanied by the Viscount of Druitt, Aleistor Chamber, and a local priest.
  • To Alois's relief, his uncle's visit turns out to be somewhat successful, and they all leave at nightfall to avoid the upcoming storm.
  • During the midst of the storm there is a knock on the Trancy Household's door, Claude opens it to a stranger in a dark coat and top-hat carrying a suitcase. The stranger reveals that he is a traveler who got caught in the storm.
  • Alois comes to meet the stranger and insists he stay the night in the spare bedroom. He then takes him to the dining room and Claude brings a meal, however the stranger just points out a small speck of dirt on the plate and does not eat.
  • The stranger retires to the spare room however still keeps his coat and top-hat on, Alois follows him and questions what is in the suitcase, the stranger then makes a deal with Alois that he will show him what's inside the suitcase if he shows him the storage room.
  • In the storage room the stranger points out the New Moon Drop box and admits that is what he wants, Alois takes it and say he will let the stranger have it once he shows him what's in the suitcase.
  • Claude then interrupts them and reveals the stranger is Sebastian Michaelis. Sebastian grabs the New Moon Drop box and runs, however he slips and the suitcase opens to reveal Ciel Phantomhive within unconscious.
  • After shutting the suitcase, Sebastian continues to escape and after a short chase, takes out all the light by crashing the chandelier to the floor and jumps out the window.
  • At dawn, Sebastian picks Ciel up from out of the suitcase and takes out the Shard of Hope from the New Moon Drop Box, he places it on Ciel's thumb and says with a smile: "Time to wake up, Young Master."


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